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Professor Ved Pal Singh elected Fellow, Linnean Society of London

Apr 24, 2014

Category: Awards

Professor Ved Pal Singh of the Department of Botany has been elected as Fellow of the prestigious Linnean Society of London on 20th March 2014 for his outstanding contributions on Adaptive Evolution of Thermophiles. He unraveled molecular secret of microbial adaptation under extreme thermal environments for understanding thermophilic origin of life on Earth The Linnean Society founded in 1788, has long been an important place in the history of science. Fellows have been involved in the development of ground-breaking theories, none more so than the eminent naturalists Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. The Fellowship is international and includes world leaders in each branch of biology who use the Society's premises and publications to communicate new advances in their fields.

Prof. Singh was elected as President of the International Society of Plant Morphologists (2010-2014) and the Society for the Promotion of Plant Science Research (2013-2014).


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