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University Research Grant for Faculty members of Department/ Centre

Call for Applications (Last Date Extended to 21 August 2017)

The University Research Grant for faculty members of Department/Centre, previously known as the Research and Development (R & D) Grant has been instituted by the University of Delhi to strengthen the research programmes of the Departments.  As a result of such encouragements, the h-index of the University of Delhi is one of the highest among all Indian Universities. Funding from University of Delhi has empowered the teachers desirous of continuous engagement in research and benefitted them immensely in their academic pursuits.  This has created a vibrant atmosphere of research in the University.

From this year, a new format has been approved for the grant. The entire process of application, screening, progress and final report submission will be online.

The Application Form for University Research Grant is available online on University of Delhi website.

The applications are invited in three categories:

Category I  Single faculty member applying for a subject-specific research proposal.

Category II  Two faculty members of a Department applying jointly for a subject-specific research proposal.

Category III  2-3 faculty members of different Departments applying for an interdisciplinary research proposal.

The other details of budget are as follows:


No. of Project Investigators

Amount of Grant



Up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs for Humanities & Social Sciences and Theoretical Sciences


Up to Rs. 4 lakhs for Experimental Sciences



Up to Rs. 3.5 lakhs for Humanities & Social Sciences and Theoretical Sciences

Up to Rs. 5 lakhs for Experimental Sciences




Up to Rs. 5 lakhs for Humanities & Social Sciences and Theoretical Sciences

Up to Rs.  7 lakhs for Experimental Sciences


Proposals may be submitted online in the prescribed format on University of Delhi website by  21 August 2017 -

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