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The Department of Adult, Continuing Education and Extension had its beginning in the Adult and Continuing Education Cell in 1976.  It was upgraded in 1982 as the Centre for Adult, Continuing Education and Extension with the aim of  planned involvement of the university and colleges in community extension activities. The department was accorded statutory status as a full-fledged department in 1985, under the Faculty of Social Sciences. It offers a one-year full-time Post- M.A. Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education since its inception. 

The Department introduced the concept of Continuing Education Programmes to meet the variety of educational needs of college youths and community. Under these programmes, various short-term courses were launched. Five short-term courses are being offered in 2010-2011. These are add-on courses for students and other interested people. The extension activities of the department are mainly focused on educational interventions to create awareness among communities about various social issues related to their life. The department also provides opportunities to conducting surveys, data collection and pursue research activities. The department has brought out reading materials on various issues, including for neo-literates. Documentation and dissemination of teaching-learning materials has also been one of the functions of the department. 

Apart from teaching and extension, the department has a Ph.D. programme which is interdisciplinary in nature and related to  contemporary educational thinking. The Department has expertise in providing training programmes for functionaries working in various sectors of social development.

Prof. Jai Prakash Dubey, Professor
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Head of the Department
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Prof. Rajesh , Professor
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Prof. V.K. Dixit, Professor
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Prof. Prakash Narayan, Professor
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Mr. Rahul Yadav, Assistant Professor
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Dr. Vandana Sisodia, Assistant Professor
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Prof. Rajesh
Dixit, Prof. V.K.
Dubey, Prof. Jai Prakash
Narayan, Prof. Prakash 
Yadav, Mr. Rahul
Sisodia, Dr. Vandana
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