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Revised Syllabi (with effect from Academic Session 2019-20)

The department offers research opportunities in the areas of structural biology, bioinformatics, membrane biology and neurobiophysics (cognitive science) in general. The main research emphasis of the Department is in the area of theoretical biology and membrane biophysics e.g. ion channels and neurobiophysics. A special emphasis is given on learning, memory and computational neuroscience. The Department is equipped with electrophysiological set up (patch clamp and bilayer systems), which are the most sensitive tools to study such channels. The experimental work is supported by extensive mathematical and computational analysis, e.g. Mathematical modelling, Neural Network. Other areas of active research are: enzymatic modulation of ion channel, e.g. phosphorylation, biological spectroscopy. The objective of structural biology work is to understand the structure-function-evolution relationship in proteins from various organisms, particularly extremophiles using various biophysical techniques like CD spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography. The department is also involved in research in the areas of metagenomics and molecular modelling. The thrust area of bioinformatics is genome and protein sequence analysis particularly in relation to function

Admission List for PhD Biophysics 2017 (second cycle)




Department of Bio-Physics, 
University of Delhi South Campus, 
Benito Juarez Road, 
New Delhi-110021.


: 24117005, 24112231/2503 x 263 (EPABX).


Arranged in alphabetical order


Ghosh, Prof. Subhendu


Goel, Dr. Manisha
Kumar, Dr. Manish

Courses Offered:




Eligibility Category

Code No.

Course requirements

Marks requirement


B Sc (Hons.) in Microbiology from the University of Delhi (after 10+2+3)

60% or above


B Sc (Hons.) in Microbiology from other Universities (after 10+2+3)

60% or above


B Sc (Gen.) in Microbiology from other Universities (after 10+2+3)

60% or above


B Sc (Hons.) in Botany/Zoology/Biochemistry from the University of Delhi and other Universities

60% or above in the main subject (after 10+2+3)


B Sc (Gen.) Group ‘B’ from the University of Delhi and other Universities

60% or above in the aggregate.

(after 10+2+3)


B Sc Biotechnology from other Universities

(after 10+2+3)

60% or above in the aggregate

 Note: A candidate passing B Sc (Hons) Botany or Zoology Course must have passed Microbiology/ Biochemistry/ Chemistry, as the case may be, as his/her subsidiary/ ancillary subjects at the qualifying examination.

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