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Flower Show 2019



The 61st Annual Flower Show of the University of Delhi was held on Friday 1st March 2019 at the lawns of the Mughal Garden. Participants from 26 colleges, 14 hostels and University Halls, institutions, schools and students from Delhi-NCR participated in the event. A diverse multitude of around 7000 footfalls including children and senior citizens enjoyed the floral displays and fête. The event was inaugurated by the Pro Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar of the University. Prizes including 72 rolling shields and cups were awarded. Popular stalls included educational exhibits on the Bio-diversity parks of Delhi; forest conservation: productivity and livelihood, as well as herbal and medicinal plants. A new and popular display was hosted by the Horticulture unit, Department of Environment, Govt. of Delhi. Some noteworthy plants appreciated by visitors were tulips, exotic large and mini Dahlias, bonsais, bulbous plants, cacti and succulents.