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M.A. History



Scheme of Grading Semester
Duration 4 Semester

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Eligibility for Admission:

Proposed Eligibility requirements for Entrance Test
Category A (Direct Admission)
Course Requirements Minimum marks requirements:

1. B.A. (Hons.) examination in History of Delhi University
The general Category seats shall be shared by Direct Category.
(A) as well as Entrance Test Category

(B)candidates in equal proportions in both the Campus in order of merit and their choice of Campus (North Campus or South Campus).

Category B (Admission through Entrance Test

Course Requirements Minimum marks requirements

1. B.A. (Hons.) examination in History of University of Delhi 40% marks
2. B.A. (Hons.) examination in History of Universities other than DelhiUniversity recognised as equivalent thereto With 55% marks
3. B.A. (Prog./Pass) examination with History from Delhi University
With 50% marks and above in the aggregate
4. B.A. (Pass/Prog.) without History from
Delhi University With 55% marks and above in
5. B.A. (prog./Pass) from other than DelhiUniversity.
With 60% marks or above in the aggregate 6. (i) B.A. (Hons.) in any subject other than History, from Delhi
(ii) Other University. With 55% marks in aggregate With 60% marks.
7. B.Com. (Pass/Hons.), B.Sc. (Gen./Hons.)
from Delhi University and other than Delhi University.
With 60% marks in aggregate or above
8. Master’s Degree (other than History) from Delhi University recognised as equivalent thereto With 60% marks in M.Sc./M.Com. or
with 55% marks in M.A. in Humanities and Social Sciences
9. An Undergraduate Degree from Delhi University or any or other recognised University Degree other than BA (Pass/Prog./Hons.) / B.Com.(Pass/Hons.)/ B.Sc. (Gen./Hons.)/MA/M. Com./M.Sc. (e.g. B.Tech., MBBS etc):

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