M.A. Linguistics

Scheme of Grading Semester
Duration 4 Semester

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Admission Procedure


Main Campus Room No. 17, Faculty of Arts Building,
Tel.: 27667725 Extn. 1281, 1282, 1283

South Delhi Campus Faculty of Arts Building,
Tel.: 24107772/ 24116938

Eligibility Criteria

M.A./M.Sc/M.Ed. examination or any examination recognised as equivalent thereto in any subject with 50% marks in aggregate OR B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. Honours examination in any subject from the University of Delhi or any other Recognised University with 50% marks in aggregate 


B.A./B.Com (Pass)/B.Sc.(General)/B.Ed./B.El.Ed. degree examination or an equivalent degree with 55% marks in aggregate 


For Candidates appearing at 2010 examination (Final)

Candidates who qualify for admission test must submit their result to the office of the Department before the notification of the final admission. 

Promotion Rules

SEMESTER TO SEMESTER: Students shall be required to fulfill the Part to Part Promotion Criteria. Within the same Part, students shall be allowed to be promoted from a Semester to the next Semester, provided she/he has passed at least half of the courses of the current semester. 


I to II : Admission to Part-II of the Programme shall be open to only those students who have successfully passed at least 75% papers out of papers offered for the Part-I courses comprising Semester-I and Semester-II taken together. However, he/she will have to clear the remaining papers while studying in Part-II of the Programme.

No of Seats:

Category Wise Number of Seats

 Name of the Department: ­Department of Linguistics, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007


Name of P.G. Course


Supernumerary Seats

Total seat





PWD 3%

CW 5%

Sports upto 5%

Foreign Nationals 5%


M.A. in Linguistics











The M.A. Programme is divided into TWO Parts as under. Each Part will consist of two
Semesters to be known as Semester-1 and Semester-2.

Part I First Year Semester-1 Semsester-2
Part II Second Year Semester-3 Semester-4

The schedule of papers prescribed for various semesters shall be as follows:

Part I : Semester – I Compulsory Courses

Paper L-1 Introduction to Linguistics
Paper L-2 Phonetics
Paper L-3 Phonology
Paper L-4 Morphology

Part I : Semester – II Compulsory Courses

Paper L-5 Introductory Transformational Generative Syntax
Paper L-6 Aspects of Linguistic Behaviour
Paper L-7 Applied Linguistics
Paper L-10 Interdisciplinary Course -I

Part II : Semester –III Compulsory Courses

Paper L-8 Language and Mind
Paper L-12 Semantics

Two Optional Papers to be selected out of the Papers from the *List given below:

Part II : Semester – IV

Compulsory Courses :
Paper L-9(a) Field Methods
Paper L-11 Historical Linguistics
Paper L-35 Interdisciplinary Course-II
One optional paper other than the ones offered in Semester – 3 out of the *list given below (which
ever offered by the Department):
*List of Optional Papers:
L-13 Intermediate Syntax
L-14 Advanced Syntax
L-15 Language Typology
L-16 Linguistic Logic & Structural Semantics
L-17 Sociolinguistics
L-18 Generative Phonology (Linear)
L-19 Generative Phonology (Non-linear)
L-20 Linguistic Stylistics
L-21 Translation Theory and Practice
L-22 Computational Linguistics
L-23 Developmental Psycholinguistics
L.24 Neurolinguistics
L-25 Multilingualism
L-26 Second Language Acquisition
L-27 Language Testing
L-28 Structure of Language
L-29 Lexicography
L-30 Language Planning
L-31 Language and Education
L-32 Advanced Historical Linguistics
L-33 History of Linguistics
L-34 Seminar Course
L-35 Interdisciplinary Course II