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PG Admissions List

The PG Admissions for the Programmes where First Admission List has been announced already will continue till 5 pm of 21st July 2017.

The Admission List for some of the Departments will not be announced on 17th July 2017 and would be announced soon

Faculty Department Programmes/ Course  Admission List Entrance Admission List Merit
Arts Arabic  1.     M.A. Arabic     
Buddhist Studies 2.     M.A. Buddhist Studies  First  First
English  3.     M.A. English     
Germanic & Romance Studies 4.     M.A. French    
5.     M.A. German    
6.     M.A. Hispanic    
7.     M.A. Italian    
Hindi 8.     M.A. Hindi  First  First
Library & Information Science 9.     Bachelor of Library and Information Science (PG)    First
10.   Master of Library & Information Science  First  First
Linguistics 11.   M.A. Linguistics  First  
Modern Indian Languages & Literary Studies 12.   M.A. Bengali   First  First
13.   M.A. Comparative Indian Literature  First  First
14.   M.A. Tamil  First  
Persian 15.   M.A. Persian  First  First
Philosophy 16.   M.A. Philosophy    
Psychology 17.   M.A. Psychology  First  First
18.   M.A. Applied Psychology    
Punjabi 19.   M.A. Punjabi    
Sanskrit 20.   M.A. Sanskrit    
Slavonic & Finno-Ugrian Studies 21.   M.A. Russian Studies  First  First
Urdu 22.   M.A. Urdu    
Commerce & Business Studies Commerce 23.   M.Com.  First (Revised), CW Category  First (Revised), CW Category
Education Education 24.   B.Ed.  First  First
25.   B.Ed. Special Education (Mental Retardation)  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
26.   B.Ed. Special Education (Visual Impairment)  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
27.    M.Ed.  First  
Interdisciplinary & Applied Sciences Biochemistry  28.   M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry   First  First
Electronics Science 29.   M.Sc. Electronics  First, CW/PwD  First
30.   M. Tech. Microwave Electronics  First, CW/PwD  
Genetics 31.   M.Sc. Genetics   First  First
Institute of Informatics & Communication 32.   M.Sc. Informatics  First  First
Microbiology 33.   M.Sc. Microbiology  First  First
Physical Education & Sports Sciences  34.   Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.ED.)  First  First
35.   Master of Physical Education  (M.P.ED.  First  
Plant Molecular Biology 36.   M.Sc. Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology  First  First
Law Law 37.   L.L.B.    
38.   L.L.M.    
Mathematical Sciences Computer Science 39.   M.C.A.    
40.   M.Sc. Computer Science    
Mathematics 41.   M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics    
Operational Research 42.   M.Sc. Operational Research    
43.   M.A./M.Sc. Applied Operational Research    
Statistics 44.   M.A./M.Sc. Statistics  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Music & Fine Arts Music 45.   M.A. (Hindustani Music) Vocal/Instrumental    
46.   M.A. (Karnataka Music) Vocal/Instrumental    
47.   M.A. Percussion Music (Tabla/ Pakhawaj)    
Science Anthropology 48.   M.Sc. Anthropology  First  First
49.   M.Sc. Forensic Science  First  First
Botany 50.   M.Sc. Botany  First, CW/PwD  FirstCW/PwD
Biomedical Research Centre (ACBR) 51.   M.Sc.- Ph.D. Combined Degree course - Biomedical Sciences  First , CW/PwD  First
Chemistry 52.   M.Sc. Chemistry    
Environmental Studies 53.   M.A. Environmental Studies  First  First
54.   M.Sc. Environmental Studies   First  First
Geology 55.   M.Sc. Geology  First  First
Home Science 56.   M.Sc. Human Development & Childhood Studies  First  First
57.   M.Sc. Food & Nutrition  First  First
58.   M.Sc. Fabric & Apparel Science  First  First
59.   M.Sc. Development Communication & Extension  First  First
60.   M.Sc. Resource Management & Design Application  First  First
Physics & Astrophysics 61.   M.Sc. Physics    
Zoology 62.   M.Sc. Zoology  First  First
Social Sciences Adult Continuing Education & Extension  63.   M.A. Life Long Learning & Extension    
East Asian Studies 64.   M.A. East Asian Studies  First, CW/PwD  First
65.   M.A. Japanese  First  First
Economics 66.   M.A. Economics  FirstDetails  FirstDetails
Geography 67.   M.A. Geography  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD, Corrigendum (CW/PwD)
History 68.   M.A. History    
Political Science 69.   M.A. Political Science First , CW/PwD  First , CW/PwD
Social Work 70.   M.A. Social Work  First  First
Sociology 71.   M.A. Sociology  FirstCW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
CIC   72.   M.Sc. (Mathematics Education)  First  
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