PG Admissions List - I

Faculty Department Programmes/ Course  Admission List Entrance Admission List Merit
Arts Arabic  1.     M.A. Arabic   First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Buddhist Studies 2.     M.A. Buddhist Studies - Notice  First  First
English - Notice  3.     M.A. English  First, CW, PwD  First, CW, PwD
Germanic & Romance Studies - Notice 4.     M.A. French First First
5.     M.A. German First First
6.     M.A. Hispanic First First
7.     M.A. Italian First First
Hindi 8.     M.A. Hindi - Notice  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Library & Information Science 9.     Bachelor of Library and Information Science (PG)    First, PWD
10.   Master of Library & Information Science  First  First
Linguistics 11.   M.A. Linguistics  First,CW/PwD  
Modern Indian Languages & Literary Studies 12.   M.A. Bengali   First  First
13.   M.A. Comparative Indian Literature  First  First
14.   M.A. Tamil  First  
Persian 15.   M.A. Persian  First  First
Philosophy 16.   M.A. Philosophy - Notice  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Psychology 17.   M.A. Psychology  First, CW/PwD First, CW/PwD
18.   M.A. Applied Psychology  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Punjabi 19.   M.A. Punjabi  First  First
Sanskrit - Notice (First), Notice (CW/PwD) 20.  M.A. Sanskrit  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Slavonic & Finno-Ugrian Studies 21.   M.A. Russian Studies  First  First
Urdu 22.   M.A. Urdu - Notice  First  First
Commerce & Business Studies Commerce 23.   M.Com. :- Notice  First (Revised), CW Category  First (Revised), CW Category
Education Education 24.   B.Ed.  First  First
25.   B.Ed. Special Education (Mental Retardation) - Instructions  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
26.   B.Ed. Special Education (Visual Impairment) - Instructions  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
27.    M.Ed.  First  
Interdisciplinary & Applied Sciences Biochemistry - Waiting list 28.   M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry   First, CW/PwD  First,  CW/PwD
Electronics Science 29.   M.Sc. Electronics  First, CW/PwD  First
30.   M. Tech. Microwave Electronics  First, CW/PwD  
Genetics 31.   M.Sc. Genetics   First, Second  First
Institute of Informatics & Communication 32.   M.Sc. Informatics  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Microbiology 33.   M.Sc. Microbiology  First  First
Physical Education & Sports Sciences  34.   Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.ED.)  First  First
35.   Master of Physical Education  (M.P.ED.)  First  
Plant Molecular Biology 36.   M.Sc. Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology  First  First
Law Law 37.   L.L.B.  First
38.   L.L.M. First   
Mathematical Sciences Computer Science 39.   M.C.A.  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
40.   M.Sc. Computer Science  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Mathematics 41.   M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics

Revised CW/PwD List dated 16/8/2017
 First  First
Operational Research - Notice 42.   M.Sc. Operational Research  CW/Pwd  
43.   M.A./M.Sc. Applied Operational Research  First, CW/PwD  
Statistics 44.   M.A./M.Sc. Statistics  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Music & Fine Arts Music 45.   M.A. (Hindustani Music) Vocal/Instrumental    
46.   M.A. (Karnataka Music) Vocal/Instrumental    
47.   M.A. Percussion Music (Tabla/ Pakhawaj)    
Science Anthropology 48.   M.Sc. Anthropology  FirstCW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
49.   M.Sc. Forensic Science :- 
Left over Candidates
 First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Botany 50.   M.Sc. Botany  First, CW/PwD  FirstCW/PwD
Biomedical Research Centre (ACBR) 51.   M.Sc.- Ph.D. Combined Degree course - Biomedical Sciences  First , CW/PwD  First
Chemistry 52.   M.Sc. Chemistry  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Environmental Studies 53.   M.A. Environmental Studies  First, CW/Pwd  First, CW/PwD
54.   M.Sc. Environmental Studies   First, CW/PwD  First, CW/Pwd
Geology 55.   M.Sc. Geology  First  First
Home Science 56.   M.Sc. Human Development & Childhood Studies  First  First
57.   M.Sc. Food & Nutrition  First  First
58.   M.Sc. Fabric & Apparel Science  First  First
59.   M.Sc. Development Communication & Extension  First  First
60.   M.Sc. Resource Management & Design Application  First  First
Physics & Astrophysics 61.   M.Sc. Physics  First, CW/ PwD  First, CW/ PwD
Zoology 62.   M.Sc. Zoology - 
 First, CW/PwD, Notice  First, CW/PwD, Notice
Social Sciences Adult Continuing Education & Extension - Notice 63.   M.A. Life Long Learning & Extension  First  First
East Asian Studies 64.   M.A. East Asian Studies  First, CW/PwD  First
65.   M.A. Japanese  First  First
Economics - Notice 66.   M.A. Economics  FirstDetails, CW/PwD  FirstDetails, CW/PwD
Geography 67.   M.A. Geography  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD, Corrigendum (CW/PwD)
History 68.   M.A. History - Notice 1  First, CW/PwD  First, CW/PwD
Political Science 69.   M.A. Political Science - Notice First , CW/PwD  First , CW/PwD
Social Work 70.   M.A. Social Work  First  First
Sociology 71.   M.A. Sociology  FirstCW/PwD  FirstCW/PwD
CIC   72.   M.Sc. (Mathematics Education)  First