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Ph.D. Chemistry

Ph.D. Chemistry
  • Unit – I:  Analytical Techniques For Material Characterization
  • Unit –II:  Analytical Techniques For Material Characterization
  • Unit-III Advanced Chemical Kinetics
  • Unit-IV. Advanced Materials Chemistry
  • Unit-V. Advanced Mathematical and Numerical Techniques for Chemists
  • Unit-VI. Application of Nano Clays/Modified Clays and Zeolites/Zeolitic Materials  Introduction
  • Unit-VII: Applications of Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory
  • Unit-VIII: Application of Molecular Orbital Theory in Biochemistry      
  • Unit-IX: Applications of Magnetic Resonance Technique to Inorganic Compounds
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy:
  • Unit-X: Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  • Unit-XI:  Bio Inorganic Chemistry-II
  • Unit–XII: Biomolecules
  • Unit-XIII: Chemistry of Natural Products of Marine Sources
  • Unit-XIV : Chemistry of Polymers
  • Unit-XV: Chemoinformatics
  • Unit-XVI: Chemistry of Corrosion
  • Unit-XVII: Computer Programming for Chemists
  • Unit-XVIII: Contemporary Electrochemistry
  • Unit-XIX: Coumarins and Flavanoids
  • Unit-XX. Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy
  • Unit–XXI. Elementary Molecular Orbital Theory and its Application in Chemistry
  • Unit-XXII. Green Chemistry
  • Unit- XXIII. Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms – Advanced Level 
  • Unit-XXIV. Introductory Quantum Chemistry
  • Unit XXV: Medicinal Chemistry
  • Unit-XXVI: Metal-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions
  • Unit-XXVII: Molecular Modelling
  • Unit-XXVIII: Nanochemistry
  • Unit-XXIX: Numerical Methods and Optimization Techniques
  • Unit-XXX: Organometallic Chemistry
  • Unit-XXXI: Organic Name Reactions
  • Unit-XXXII: Organic synthesis–I
  • Unit–XXXIII: Organic Synthesis – II
  • Unit-XXXIV:   Peptides and Proteins
  • Unit-XXXV: Physical Organic Chemistry
  • Unit-XXXVI: Single Electron Transfer Chemistry
  • Unit- XXXVII: Spectroscopy: Applications for organic chemists
  • Unit-XXXVIII: Statistical Mechanics of Complex Fluids
  • Unit XXXIX: Statistical Mechanics of Interacting Systems
  • Unit-XXXX: Structural Chemistry of Silicate Materials and their Application
  • Unit- XXXXI: Synthesis of Zeolites and Zeolitic materials.
  • Unit XXXXII: Synthetic Chemical Modeling of Metallo-proteins and Metallo-enzymes
  • Unit–XXXXIII: Synthetic Organic Chemistry – III
  • Unit- XXXXIV: Strained organic molecules and pericyclic reactions
  • Unit-XXXXV: Thermo-Analytical Methods of Analysis

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