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University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC)

University Science Instrumentation center (USIC) is a central facility and houses sophisticated analytical instruments. Its main objective is to provide services to all researchers and students of science departments in the University and the constituent colleges of the University of Delhi. Facilities for carrying out spectral, thermal, chemical and microstructural analysis on a variety of materials are extended to all researchers. A centralized liquid nitrogen distribution facility is maintained for all science departments, and all requests for customs duty and excise duty exemption for imported items are processed. Training programs and workshops/seminars are organized regularly for laboratory staff and research scholars in focused areas of materials characterization and analysis.

University Science Instrumentation Center (USIC)  
Near Dept. of Physics and Astrophysics                
University of Delhi (North campus)

Director: Prof. K. Sreenivas
Tel: (011) 2766 7834
(M) 9810958703


Centralized instrument facility

  1. Vibrating sample magnetometer
  2. Bruker High resolution X-ray diffractometer
  3. Perkin Elmer FTIR spectrometer with ATR & Specular reflectance
  4. Agilent LCMS with Quadropole time of flight
  5. Thermal analysis Perkin Elmer TGA, DTA and DSC
  6. Waters Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  7. Jeol 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic resonance
  8. TEM sample preparation equipment
  9. Biological &Life science sample preparation
  10. Jeol scanning electron Microscope (SEM) with EDS
  11. FEI High Resolution Transmission electron microscope (TEM) CHNSO Analyzer
  12. Liquid nitrogen (LN2) storage tank and distribution facility
  13. Renishaw Laser Raman Spectrometer
  14. Photo luminescence and Laser Raman spectrometer (Horiba Yvon)
  15. Pan analytical X-ray diffractometer (powder and thin film attachment)
  16. Cary Eclipse Fluorescence spectrophotometer (solid and liquid samples)
  17. Time resolved Fluorescence spectrometer (Horiba Yvon)
  18. Broadband Dielectric/impedance analyzer (mHz to 10 MHz)
  19. Jasco Circular dichroism spectropolarimeter
  20. B.E.T. surface area analyzer
  21. Variable angle and variable wavelength Ellipsometer (Sentech)
  22. Jeol Electron Spin resonance (ESR) spectrometer
  23. Single crystal X-ray diffractometer
  24. Rigaku Rotating anode X-ray diffractometer
  25. Atomic absorption spectrometer (graphite furnace)
  26. Millipore low conductivity water

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General facility:        



1)Procedures to obtain customs/Excise exemption, Sigma chemicals, or Liq. N2)……..

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2)Customs Duty exemption form……………

– Form for Financial details, Project details, funding, purchase item details etc…………

– Form for the Declaration (hazardous/non-hazardous) to be made on your letter head......

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3)      Excise duty exemption form……………………

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4)Sigma Aldrich customs duty exemption form…

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5)Liquid Nitrogen request form…………………

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6)Requisition Forms..............
-  Fluorescence
-  Laser Raman Spectrometer
-  LC Mass Spectrometry
-  NMR
-  Novocontrol Impedance Analyzer
-  SEM
-  Single Crystal HRD
-  VSM
-  Water DST

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