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V.K.R.V. Rao Hostel

V.K.R.V. Rao Hostel

VKRV Rao Hostel, named after Professor VKRV Rao, was established in 1999. Its foundation stone was laid in the Platinum Jubilee Year of the University of Delhi. The Hostel is located within the campus of Gwyer Hall and the entrance is from the University Road. It has 42 double seated and 24 single seated rooms for the students and research scholars from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) and Delhi School of Economics (DSE), University of Delhi.

The Provost is the Administrative Head of the Hostel. For internal administration and day to day discipline, he is assisted by the Warden and the Resident Tutor (RT) who take care of the extra-curricular activities and general welfare of residents. The Provost, Warden, Resident Tutor are appointed by the Executive Council of the University.

V.K.R.V. Rao Hostel
University of Delhi
Delhi-110 007.
Phone +91-11-27667198, +91-11-27666627

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Admission Criteria

Application for admission to the Hostel is made on the prescribed Form available with the Bulletin of information from the Hostel Office on payment of Rs. 130/- in cash. The Application Form duly filled in has to be submitted to the Hostel Office by the prescribed date notified on the Hostel Notice Board and hostel website. The admission is made as per rules approved by the Managing Committee regarding the duration of stay, allotment of seats of different disciplines/categories etc. and various fees and other rules for the Residents. These rules will applicable to all the Residents and shall be binding for all concerned.

A. Eligibility

The applicants should satisfy the following eligibility criteria before applying for Hostel accommodation:

  1. He should be a full time bonafide Post Graduate or Research student of the Faculty of Management Studies / Delhi School of Economics of the University of Delhi.
  2. He should not be enrolled in a part time course.
  3. The candidate’s parents or his wife should not be residing in the National Capital Region (NCR) within the radius of 70 KM from the Delhi University, North Campus.”- (M.C. Dated 11.8.2015)
  4. He should not be employed anywhere on full-time, part-time, ad-hoc or temporary basis. Temporary or ad-hoc lectures of Delhi University may be allowed to stay as long as they are bonafide regular Research students.
  5. He should not have availed of Delhi University / College Hostel facility for a course of the same level earlier.
  6. He should not have completed six years of stay in any other Post Graduate Hostel (S) of Delhi University.

7(i) He should have passed the examination of the last course attended.

7(ii) No student shall be eligible for admission if he has more than one year gap between the previous course completed and new one enrolled.  One year would be counted from the date of issue of final year marks sheet and as on the date of application.  However, in case of work experience in a registered organization only, it can be extended up to a maximum of three years including gap period, if any, not exceeding one year.

        Such a work experience certificate has to be provided at the time of application only, and not at a later stage.


B. Admission Rules

Admissions to the Hostel will be made within one week of Admission in the respective department. The list of candidates to be interviewed and admitted to the Hostel will be notified from time to time.

The last date of accepting the Hostel Admission forms from all departments will be upto the first week of September every year.

No admission may be made in the non-Research Category after 31st October every year and in Research category after 31st January in an academic year or whenever official recommendation is received from the Faculty/Department concerned.

If a student has already taken admission in any other Hostel by the time interaction list is declared in this Hostel, due to varying available number of seats based on merit at a time, such candidate would not be eligible for admission and he would be liable for action if he hides the information and does not withdraw application in writing, on or before the time and date of interaction scheduled for him.

Candidates accepted for admission will be required to pay the requisite fees along with four Polaroid colour photographs to be used for various administrative purposes.

If any candidate fails to pay the fees within the stipulated time as notified, his admission will be treated as cancelled.


C. Duration of Stay

A student shall be eligible to stay in the Hostel not exceeding the duration of the course as given below:-

i       M.B.A./M.A.                      :               2 Years

ii      M. Phil*                               :               11/2 Years (or statutory duration of the Course)

iii     Ph. D.*                                 :               4 Years (51/2 Years in case of M. Phill and Ph. D. together)

Duration of stay shall be counted from the date of registration for the course.

Every Student has to seek re-admission in every academic year.