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University Science Instrumentation Centre


Central science facility was started in 1982 with the special efforts of Prof. Gurubax Singh in Delhi University, and the facility was later converted to U.S.I.C. in 1984 by a sanction from U.G.C. Presently the following sophisticated analytical Instruments are available.

  • Transmission electron microscope
  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Laser Raman spectrometer
  • CHNSO (Elemental analysis)
  • FTIR with ATR and Specular reflectance attachments
  • UV-Visible spectrometer
  • Refrigerated Ultracentrifuge
  • Atomic Absorption spectroscopy (Flame and graphite furnace)
  • HPLC
  • X-ray Diffraction
  • GC Mass spectrometer
  • Electron spin resonance
  • Glass blowing workshop
  • Millipore water purifier
  • Liquid Nitrogen facility (Contact Tel: 2766 7725, Ext 1686
    (Supplied @ Rs.10/ per liter for DU researchers only)
    Above instrument facilities are available for external users also at nominal charges approved by the DU executive council
  • Customs Duty Exemption certification for Delhi University
    Fill 3 copies of Form A and attach (1) copy of Airway bill, (2) Cargo arrival notice, (3) Invoice and(4) Purchase order.
    Fill one copy of Form B
    Submit the forms A and B at USIC office. (You can down load the forms A and B from this site)
    Additional activities at USIC:
    Conduct training programs for Laboratory staff Interaction seminars for Res. Scholars withapplication specialists.


USIC is housed in a six-storied building adjoining the Computer center in the main North Campus

Central Instrument Facility (Physics & Chemistry)
University Science Instrumentation Centre
Near Department of Physics (North Campus)
University of Delhi
Delhi 110 007.


27667834 (Tel/Fax)