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Tender / quotation listings from all sources

University Tenders on  Central Public Procurement Portal (Choose "University of Delhi" in Organisation Name)

Tender  NIT-16  last modified 24-04-14 11:24  Engineering Department
Tender  NIT-15  last modified 24-04-14 11:23  Engineering Department
Tender  Tender for running Coffee Shop  last modified 22-04-14 17:06  Gargi College
Tender  Purchase of Hospital Mattress  last modified 22-04-14 11:26  Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute
Tender  Purchase of Elisa Kits (C-ANCA etc)  last modified 22-04-14 11:25  Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute
Tender  Purchase of Elisa Kits  last modified 22-04-14 11:23  Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute
Tender  Purchase of Ebioscience make Reagents  last modified 22-04-14 11:22  Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute
Tender  Purchase of New England Biolabs Reagents  last modified 22-04-14 10:04  Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute
Tender  Purchase of MagBio Genomics make Reagents  last modified 22-04-14 10:03  Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute
Tender  Quotation for digital notice board  last modified 21-04-14 11:55  PGDAV College
Tender  Supply and installation of various equipments  last modified 17-04-14 17:01  Department of Microbiology (UDSC)
Tender  Tender from companies having experience in organizing trips  last modified 17-04-14 16:12  Department of Geology
Tender  Quotations for Mini X-Ray Gun  last modified 17-04-14 14:44  Department of Physics and Astrophysics
Tender  Supply of Multiparameter Analyzer  last modified 16-04-14 15:39  Department of Zoology
Tender  Supply of Twin Screw Extruder and Ribbon Blender  last modified 16-04-14 15:38  Department of Zoology
Tender  Tender For College Canteen  last modified 15-04-14 17:13  Kalindi College
Tender  NIT - 26  last modified 15-04-14 15:05  Engineering Department
Tender  Tender document for Printing, Collection, Scanning/Capturing and Processing the Common Pre-admission OMR Forms  last modified 15-04-14 14:51  General Branch-II
Tender  Tender for providing services of Canteen, Mess & Patient Diet  last modified 15-04-14 12:24  Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute
Tender  Tender for printing of College Prospectus  last modified 15-04-14 12:20  Shivaji College
Tender  Tender for Automation  last modified 15-04-14 11:24  Sri Aurobindo College
Tender  Purchase of online UPS battery  last modified 15-04-14 10:25  Department of Physics and Astrophysics
Tender  Purchase of Microscope with fitted digital camera  last modified 15-04-14 10:17  Department of Chemistry
Tender  Purshase of UPS batteries  last modified 11-04-14 15:00  Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
Tender  Quotations for printing and supply of college Magazine  last modified 11-04-14 10:04  Keshav Mahavidyalaya
Tender  Printing and supply of study material  last modified 07-04-14 16:32  School of Open Learning
Tender  Tender for purchase of Drugs & Medicines, Chemicals & Glasswares, X-Ray Films, Dressing and Dental materials etc.  last modified 07-04-14 13:09  WUS Health Centre
Tender  Tender for Preparation of Annual Accounts for the 2014-15  last modified 07-04-14 12:44  Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute
Tender  Supply of Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation Unit  last modified 04-04-14 17:28  University College of Medical Sciences
Tender  Tender for printing of books with paper  last modified 04-04-14 13:12  Directorate of Hindi Medium Implementation
Tender  Short Tender Notice for Publication of FC and Applied Language Course  last modified 02-04-14 20:17  
Tender  Financial Bids for Publication of Course Materials  last modified 02-04-14 20:16  
Tender  Supply of Ophthalmology Equipments  last modified 02-04-14 16:33  University College of Medical Sciences
Tender  Invitation for E-content Writers  last modified 02-04-14 16:26  Institute of Lifelong Learning
Tender  Miscellaneous works for Annual Maintenance Contract for Oxygen, Vacuum & Nitrogen pipeline in VCH ward of VPCI  last modified 14-11-13 15:36  Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute
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