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M.Phil. (Social Work)

Scheme of Grading Annual
Duration 2 Years
Eligibility Any person who has obtained MA (Social Work) degree from any recognized university of India or abroad with 55% or more marks or equivalent grade shall be eligible to apply for admission to MPhil Social Work. Candidates awaiting their result of final year examination can also apply.

Objectives of the MPhil programme:

(a) To provide an advanced course of study to post-graduates in Social Work
(b) To provide basic training required for undertaking research work and to train them in conducting research in different areas of social work
(c) To prepare them for undertaking higher responsibilities in such areas as social work education, research, policy formulation, planning and administration

Course Structure:

A. Core Courses (Compulsory for all candidates)

· Course I Research Methods in Social Work and Statistics
· Course II Review of Studies in Social Work

B. Optional Papers (Anyone of the following to be selected by the candidates)

1. Social Action and Social Movement
2. Social Development and Welfare: Perspectives and Policies

C. Elective Papers (Anyone of the following to be selected by the candidates)

1. Child Development
2. Community Development and Community Work
3. Ecology and Development
4. Gandhian Social Work
5. Health and Social Work
6. Human Relation and Employees Welfare
7. Persons with Disability and Social Work
8. Social Defence and Correctional Services
9. Social Work Education
10. Social Work with Elderly
11. Social Work with Families
12. Women's Welfare and Development
13. Youth Work
14. Tribal Development
Note :Due to the non-availability of teachers in the Department at a given point of time, a particular elective paper may not be offered during an academic session.
D. Dissertation (Compulsory)
The thesis work will be supervised by a supervisor assigned by the Department and evaluated by two examiners, one internal and the other external.
E. Viva-Voce (Compulsory)
This will test the student's ability to comprehend and integrate the knowledge acquired from different courses.

Seats and Selection Process

1. The maximum enrolment in the M. Phil. Programme shall be 20 students.
2. All the candidates satisfying the minimum requirements need to pass in the Written Test and Panel Interview separately. Marks for the interview and written test are 100 each, and a candidate must obtain a minimum of 50% marks in each.
3. Reservation would be as per University rules.

Non NET UGC Fellowships

Admission to MPhil Programme under non-net UGC new scheme of Research Fellowships(also for those who are not in receipt of fellowship from any source), shall be in strict accordance with the following guidelines:-
1. 25% of the students enrolled in the MPhil Programme in the Department will be entitled to get fellowship at the rate of Rs. 3,000/- p.m. with contingency support of Rs. 8,000/- p.a. The minimum number of fellowship will be 2 (two).
2. The selection of students for the above mentioned Fellowships will be as per the merit list.Half of the fellowships (50%) will be for the reserved categories.
3. Duration of the fellowship will be as per the rules and regulations under the ordinance for the MPhil Programme of the Department. No fellowship will be given for the extended period.

Time Frame

The time frame for completion of MPhil Programme is 2 years from the date of admission.Only full time MPhil Programme is offered.

Scheme of Examination

The M Phil programme constitutes two parts. Part I consisting of theory papers and the other Part II consisting of dissertation. A candidate admitted to the MPhil Programme will be evaluated on the basis of performance in the Part-I Examination as well as dissertation and viva-voce.
The relative weightage of papers is as follows:
A. Core Courses (Compulsory)
Course I (Research Methods in Social Work & Statistics) 100 marks
Part I (Research Methods) 50 marks
Part II (Statistics) 50 marks
Course II 100 marks
Part I Review of Studies in Social Work (Examination) 50 marks
Part II Review of literature (Seminar Paper) 50 marks
Note:wherever the examination is held for 50 marks – the duration of the examination 10 will be 2 hours only.
B. Optional Courses 100 marks
(Anyone of the courses listed under II B)
C. Elective Courses 100 marks
(Anyone of the courses listed under II C)
D. Dissertation 200 marks
E. Viva-Voce 100 marks
Total marks is 700. The minimum percentage of marks required to pass will be 50% in each course and in the dissertation including viva-voce separately.
The successful candidates of the MPhil Examination shall be classified as follows:
1. 1st Division with distinction 75% marks in the aggregate or above.
2. 1st Division 60% in aggregate or above but below 75%.
3. Pass All others, subject to minimum of 50% marks in aggregate and in each course.


1. Every student shall be required to submit assignments prescribed by the teachers. He/She will be required to attend at least 75% of the lectures and seminars.
2. Regular attendance in Part-I is compulsory and the candidates will be required to join the course on a full time basis. At the end of Part-I, the candidates who have been declared successful proceed to Part-II.


1. Successful candidates of Part-I will start work on the selection of topics for their dissertation and preparation of the research proposal. The proposal shall be approved by the MPhil Committee and the allotment of supervisors will be made by the Head of the Department in consultation with teachers who have competence in the area of study.
2. A student who has secured 50% marks in at least two courses of Part-I examination may be allowed to proceed for his/her dissertation work. Such a student, however, shall be permitted 11 to submit dissertation only when he/she has passed the examination in all the courses as prescribed in Part-I.
3. A student who performs at a prescribed level (75% marks in the aggregate of Part-I Examination) may be allowed to proceed to the PhD Programme without being required to take the Part-II examination.
4. A student who has been allowed to proceed to the PhD Programme shall, however have the option to return to the MPhil Programme at a later stage. Such a student shall be required to clear the MPhil Programme within the overall time frame from the date of his/her initial registration to the full-time MPhil Programme.
5. Candidates who secure at least grade 'B' (50-54 numerical equivalents) both in respect of courses and the dissertation separately shall be recommended by the MPhil committee for the award of MPhil degree in Social Work.
6. No student shall be allowed to appear in any part of the examination more than twice and a student must clear the MPhil Examination within two years of his/her initial registration for the MPhil full time Programme.


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