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Bharati College [w]

Dr. (Mrs.) Promodini Varma (Principal)
College Address C-4, Janakpuri,
New Delhi-110058
College Phone 43273000(100 lines), 43273030
College Fax 43273040, 43273060
          Bharati College

About College

The College offers honours courses in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, History and Political Science besides offering instructions in B.Com (Pass) and B.Com (Honours). Job oriented courses like Computer Applications, Family & Child Welfare and Office Management and Secretarial Practice are also popular courses under the B.A. Programme. Part time self financing courses in foreign languages such as French, German and Russian and DOEACC level computer courses are open to the regular students of the College as well as outsiders.

Situated amid undulating gardens in an eco-friendly environment, with 24 classrooms and 54 tutorial rooms, a seminar and conference room, a studio theatre and 3 Computer Labs with over 120 computers, the college also boasts of basketball and volleyball courts, kho-kho and throw ball fields and a full-fledged cricket ground. Our very pro-active NSS Unit and Eco-Club look after the Rain Water Harvesting System and garbage disposal, maintaining pits for vermi-culture and a herbal garden. The College also has an exceptional NCC unit which has won the Vice-Chancellors Trophy and many other laurels. A Medical Officer and a Counselling Centre take care of the overall well being of our students. A Placement Officer helps in finding work opportunities for students who do not want to study further. A major nationalized bank on the premises, a well stocked Library, a well run canteen and a photocopying-cum-phone booth are the other facilities students can avail of.

The college has a large number of very active societies and groups and those with a bent towards music, dance, theater and literacy activities will find many outlets for their talent. Regular talks, seminars, conferences and festivals provide valuable experience to students and contribute to their overall growth. Our students also bring out an English and Hindi broadsheet on a regular basis. A deeply caring and dedicated faculty and pro-active non teaching staff makes the overall experience of studying in Bharati College a deeply satisfying one.

Governing Body

Shri Dharmendra Tomar (Chairperson) dharmendrastomar@gmail.com
9911110909, 9891110909
H.No.- 2989, Masjid Khajoor
Kinari Bazar, Chandni Chowk
Delhi - 110006

Faculty Members

Department of Commerce

Ms. Romila Aggarwal 26510272, 26966351, 9810568782 aggromila.reader@gmail.com
Ms. Deepti Singh 26151339  
Dr. (Ms.) Sandhya Jain 28743923, 39555903, 9811765826  
Ms. Uma Grover 25415779  
Dr. (Ms.) Poonam 25622236, 45652780, 9971039998 drpoonam.friendly@gmail.com,
Dr. (Ms.) Saloni Gupta 42482748, 9818028267  
Ms. Himanshu Garg 9910398441  
Dr. (Ms.) Vandana Bansal 25597837, 25507837, 9810617375 bansal1000@yahoo.com
Dr. (Ms.) Anupama Mahajan 25891278, 9899909098 anupama.mahajan@live.com
Ms. Mala Rani 23841520, 9313414947 mala07@live.com
Dr. (Ms.) Rajni 9811437670, 01262-293173 rajani_bharati@rediffmail.com
Ms. Kamini Bhutani 9953423937 kbhutani.2004@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Nishtha Bhushan 25085167 nishtha_bhushan@yahoo.com
Ms. Monika Arya 27315325, 9971001973  
Ms. Roopa Johri 25537294, 9811976606  
Ms. Harikishni 9891254065, 9891143125  
Ms. Sonia 9212931505, 9911021734  
Ms. Kalpana Kataria 9910350850, 9968654279  
Ms. Seema    

Department of Economics

Ms. Deepa Mathur 26125771  
Ms. Usha Rani Gupta 26149727, 26148637, 9810546045  
Ms. Veena Khanna 45531084  
Ms. Usha Jain 23272813, 23277119, 9871209388  
Ms. Reena Mathur 26153425  
Ms. Archana Dixit 26891564, 9868891564 archanadixit1@gmail.com

Department of English

Dr. (Mrs.) Promodini Varma 43273000, 25256273, 9350995559 principalbc@gmail.com
Ms. Veena Puri 9818537567  
Dr. (Ms.) Asha Kaul 25546710, 9810184141  
Dr. (Ms.) Mukti Sanyal 22725406, 9810935825  
Dr. (Ms.) Nandini C. Sen 28051844, 9910082187  
Dr. (Ms.) Rakhi Jain 27018338, 9891982817  
Ms. Naila Anjum 26841867, 26840130, 9911692993 panacea24@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Aateka Khan 26927483, 9213215962 aatekas@yahoo.com
Dr. (Ms.) Sonali Jain 27662018, 9871622177 sonali.eng@gmail.com
Ms. Bhavna Kale 9891080982, 45543676  
Dr. (Ms.) Anju Gurawa 20466920 liberty_jnu@yahoo.com

Department of Hindi

Dr. (Ms.) Urmil Gambhir 41661831, 9811468210  
Dr. (Ms.) Sudha Gupta 27317646, 27313475, 9810740757  
Dr. (Ms.) Vineeta Bhalla 25595313  
Dr. (Ms.) Manjula Shukla 0120-2642979  
Ms. Sumedha Kumar 26442137  
Dr. (Ms.) Anita Sihmar 9968293771, 9971561272, 9818544491  
Dr. (Ms.) Manju Sharma 9818849726, 28052131 drmanjusharma_2008@rediffmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Geeta Meena 9313286690, 01492-229267  
Dr. (Ms.) Sangeeta Rani 28051876, 9811120455  
Dr. (Ms.) Prem Kumari Singh 28080422, 9868181801  

Department of History

Ms. Veena Dutta 25833936, 9811253693  
Dr. (Ms.) Shyamala Bhatia 27317185, 27314531, 9873419394  
Ms. Vinay Bhardwaj 25500071, 9313341919 vinaybhardwaj1@gmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Shakti Madhok 28744874, 9818017803  
Ms. Anita Goyal 41421201  
Ms. Sutapa Das 9868148614 sutapadasonly@gmail.com
Dr. (Ms.) Fatima Hussain 9899662725  
Ms. Anubhuti Maurya 27666561, 9312247742  

Department of Political Science

Dr. (Ms.) Uma Anand 28743376, 9873774416  
Ms. Shashi Chawla 0129-2242119, 9810829104, 9971577567  
Ms. Urmil Bhatia 25896609, 9899023155  
Ms. Kamlesh Singh 9810419410  
Dr. (Ms.) Sangit Sarita Dwivedi 9811687816  
Ms. Jaya Keral 46113647, 9717675611  
Dr. Prasanta Sahoo 9818120220  

Department of Sanskrit

Dr. (Ms.) Kumudini Sudhir 9312414344  
Dr. (Ms.) Nirmal Kumar 25617603, 9818091330  
Dr. (Ms.) Kanta Rani Bhatia 9818511222, 9711293948, 45594314  
Dr. (Ms.) Asha Tiwari Sanskrit 26105055, 9212467732, 9810911906
Dr. (Ms.) Nayan Tara Bansal 23822125, 9810743088  

Department of Punjabi

Ms. Amarjeet Bali 25883293, 9818241451  

Department of Music

Dr. (Ms.) Sarita Pathak Yajurvedi 65937032, 26160599, 9873632196 saritayajurvedi@yahoo.co.in

Department of Family and Child Welfare

Dr. (Ms.) Rekha Sapra 47567506, 9899524108  

Department of Computer Science

Ms. Aruna Jain 27316106, 9968297490 arunajain1969@yahoo.com

Four Year Undergraduate Programme

Courses Offered


Mrs. Vinay Bharadwaj 9313341919

Administrative Staff

Mr. Pawan Kumar Babbar Administrative Officer 43273004, 9873246060, 43273060 pkbabbar@yahoo.co.in
Mr. Suresh Kumar Section Officer (Admin) 9810691323, 43273001