University of Delhi
Faculty Member Profile


Dr. Premananthan K

  Assistant Professor
     Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary studies

Educational Qualifications


(Literary Semiotics, Epics), Tamil University, Tanjavur.



M.A (Tamil Language and Literature), Annamalai University.

M.A (Drama and Theatre Arts), Pondicherry University, Pondicherry.




B.A. (Tamil Language and Literature), Madras University.


Career Profile

2005 – till date: Assistant Professor in Tamil (Comparative Literature), University of Delhi, Delhi.

2003 – 2005: Junior Anthropologist (Cultural Documentation), Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore.

1996 – 2002: Guest Faculty (Drama and Theater Arts), School of Performing arts, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry.

Areas of Specialization / Interest

Area of Interest includes Literary theories and Literary Semiotics. Interdisciplinary studies of Philosophy, history, film studies, religious studies, theatre studies and mass media.

Specialization includes Dramatic Theories, Dramatic Literature, Literary Semiotics, Translation and Postmodern Theories.

Subjects Taught

M.A. (Tamil): History of Tamils and their Culture, Bhakthi Literature, Theory of Literature, Tamil Drama, Tamil poetry and Prosody, History and Structure of Tamil language .

M.A. (Comparative Indian Literature): Indian Novel, Indian Drama, Classical Texts, Indian Dramatic Traditions, Shakespeare in Indian Literature.

M.Phil: Language: Literary Approach, Folk Element in Indian Drama, Indian Drama and Cinema.

Research Guidance

Supervision of PhD thesis, under progress

Ranjini, A. Postcolonila Tamil Novels: A Dalit Human rights Perspective. University of Delhi (Date of registration 2007).

Ramesh, M. Construction of Land, Body and Mind in Sangam Literature. University of Delhi (Date of registration 2008).

Publications Profile

Books/Monographs (Authored/Edited)

Premananthan, K. 2008. Pinnaveenathuvam mikaccurukkamaana arimukam. translation in Tamil of Post Modernism: A Very Short Introduction, by Christopher Butler. Tamilnadu: Adaiyalam.
Premananthan, K. 2008. Athimanitharkalum ethirmanitharkalum. (Super-human and anti-human): Collection of articles on philosophy and Literature. Chennai: Pulam.
Premananthan, K. 2006. Naavarkompu. (collection of poetry). Chennai: Marudha.
Premananthan, K. 2006. Pechu marupechu. (A collection of essays and interviews). Chennai: Marudha.
Premananthan, K. 2006. Katturaiyum kattukkathayum. (collection of essays). Chennai: Marudha.
Premananthan, K. 2006. Kuruvikkaara seemaatti. (collection of fiction). Chennai: Marudha.
Premananthan, K. 2005. Varalaru mika churukkamaana arimugam. (Translation). Puththanatham: Adaiyalam.
Premananthan, K. 2005. Irandu frenchu natakankal. (Translation). Chennai: Santhiya Publication.
Premananthan, K. 2005. Kolai matrum tharkolai patri. (collection of poetry). Chennai: Marudha.
Premananthan, K. 2005. Uppu. (Salt): Collection of Poetry. Chennai: Uyirmai.
Premananthan, K. 2005. Atheethanin ithigasam. (Anthology of six epics). Chennai: Marudha.
Premananthan, K. 2004. Sakaravalakottam. (collection of Poetry). Nagarkoil: Kalachuvadu.
Premananthan, K. 2004. Makamuni: Ramesh Prem Kathaikal. Puththanatham: Adayalam.
Premananthan, K. 2003. Parathesi. (Outsider): A collection of Tales. Chennai: Marudha.
Premananthan, K. 2003. Aathiyile maamsam irunthathu. (In the beginning was flesh): A collection of Plays. 2nd ed. Chennai: Arundathi Nilayam.
Premananthan, K. 2002. Karuppu vellai kavithaikal. (Black and White Poem): A collection of poetry. Tanjavur: Agaram.
Premananthan, K. 2002. Bernada albaavin illam. (House of Bernarda Alba - Carcia Lorca's play in Tamil with research article). Chennai: Rajarajan Pathippagam.
Premananthan, K. 2002. Perazhakikalin desam. (Land Of Exotic Beauties): A collection of poetry. Chennai: Marudha.
Premananthan, K. 2001. Sol endroru sol. (Word as a word): A Semiotic novel. Bangalore: Kaavya.
Premananthan, K. 2000. Sithaivulalin ozhunkamaivu : pinnaveenattuva pirachchinaippaatukal. (Order of Chaos: Post modernism the problematic): Collection of philosophical articles. Bengaluru: Kaavya.
Premananthan, K. 2000. Kanavil peitha mazhaiyaip patriya isaikkurippukal. (Musical notes on rainy dreams): A collection of five novellas. Chennai: Puthuppunal.
Premananthan, K. 2000. Ki.Rajanarayanan Ezhuthulagam. (A research reader). Chennai: Kalaignan Pathipagam.
Premananthan, K. 1999. Munporu kaalattil nootruettu kilikal irunthana. (Once there were one hundred and eight parrots): Short Story Collection. Tanjavur: Agaram.
Premananthan, K. 1998. Ilayaraja isaiyin tattuvamum aazhakiyalum. (Ilyaraja: Philosophy and Aesthetic of music): Research on Music of Ilyaraja. Chennai: Sembulam Publication.
Premananthan, K. 1997. Irupathu kavithaikalum irandaayiram aantukalum. (Twenty poems and two thousand years): A Poetry Collection. Puducherry: Kasadara Publication.
Premananthan, K. 1996. Aathiyile maamsam irunthathu. (In the beginning was flesh): A collection of Plays. Puducherry: Kiranam Publication.
Premananthan, K. 1993. Puthaikkappatta pirathikalum ezhuthappatta manitharkalum. (Text buried and men written): A Post Modern Novel. Puducherry: Kiranam Publication.


Premananthan, K. 2008. Identity Politics and Theatre Space. Paper presented at the International seminar on Faces of Indigenous Theatre, June, 09-11, 2008, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.

Premananthan, K. 2008. Poetics of Ancient Tamil. Paper presented at the National Seminar: Sangam Literature , February, 26-28, 2008, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. Organised by Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore jointly with CIIL, Mysore. (Theme: Sangam Literature).

Premananthan, K. 2008. Aesthetic, Ethics and Politics. Paper presented at the International Seminar on Samgam Literature. Janauary, 22-24, 2008, Dravidian University, Kuppam. Organized by CIIL, Mysore.

Premananthan, K. 2007. Land, Body and Mind. Paper presented at the National Seminar on Ancient Tamil Poetry: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Sangam Literature, March, 23-25,2007, Pondicherry. Jointly organized by Central Institute of Indian Languages and Pondicherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture, Pondicherry.

Awards and distinctions

Best Poet Award for the year 1998, Govt. of Pondicherry.

Award for Best Novel for the year 2001, Govt. of Pondicherry.

Other Activities

Premananthan, K. 2006. Paper presented at the International Seminar on Bharathi, Pudumaippitthan and Sundara Ramasamy, December, 18-20, 2006, Coimbatore. Organized by Kalachuvadu Trust.

Constantly engaged with contemporary and classical literature of world and India. Regular contribution to Tamil literature is considered as a pioneering work.

Premananthan, K. 2007. Participated as recourse person in the Workshop on Compilation of Literary terms in Indian Languages. December, 11-14, 2007, Mysore. Organised by CIIL.