University of Delhi
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Dr. R. B. Singh

  Associate Professor
     Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007, INDIA
     rbsgeo@hotmail.com / rbsgeo2@gmail.com

Educational Qualifications


Banaras Hindu University



Banaras Hindu University



Banaras Hindu University


Diploma in Statistical Methods

Banaras Hindu University


GIS Training

UNITAR/UNEP – GRID and EPFL, Switzerland


Career Profile

University of Delhi

Reader & Associate Professor

2002 onwards

University of Delhi

UGC Research Scientist -B & C

1988 to 2002

University of Delhi


1985 to 1988

Banaras Hindu University


1983 to 1985

Administrative Assignments

Served as R.T., Warden and Acting Provost of Gwyer Hall for more than 13 years during April 1987 to September 2000

Areas of Specialization / Interest

Environmental Studies, Remote Sensing and GIS, Disaster Management, Climate Change, Urban Environment

Subjects Taught

Taught following courses to M. A. and M. Phil. programme at University of Delhi since 1985: Environment and Ecology, Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GIS, Environmental Impact Assessment, Urban Impacts on Natural Resources and Environment, Environmental Studies, Ecological Issues in Development, GIS and Remote Sensing, Environmental Problems and Policies, Environmental Security: Problems and Policies, Man and Environment, Biogeography, Regional Planning & Development

Research Guidance

List against each head (If applicable)

Supervision of awarded Doctoral Thesis-25

Anthropogenic Impact on Environmental Changes in Temperate Zone of the Himachal Himalayas by Ali  Akbar Pirazizy (1992).

Integrated Block Level Planning in Agriculturally Developed Region, (A Study of Kapurthala Block) by  Lakhvinder Singh (1993).

Monitoring  and Forecasting Hydrological Parameters in  the Mahanadi River Basin by Romila Prasad (1996).

Man-Forest Interactions in the Himalayan Yamuna Basin - A Geoecological Perspective by Sarita Ghai (1998).

Atmospheric Quality in Metropolitan Cities of India by Bhuwan Kumar (1998).

Environmental Implications of Farmland Diversification in Rural-Urban Fringe of Delhi by Tejbir Singh Rana (2000)

Hazard Risk Assessment and Sustainable Land Development in     Upper Beas Basin by B. W. Pandey  (2000).

Squatter Settlements of Delhi Metropolis- A Human Ecological   Study by Ravi Shekhar (2002).

Environmental Degradation and Development in the Metropolitan     Fringe of Delhi by Naval Prasad Singh.(2003).

Changing Land use and Land Degradation Problems in theIndian     Desert Region by Gambhir Singh Chauhan (2003).

Impact of Land Use Change on Biophysical and Socio-Economic Systems of Upper Beas Basin by D.K Mishra (2003).

Geographic Dimensions of Common Land Resources in the Santhal  Parganas Region by Mohammed Baber  Ali (2004).

The Changing Pattern of Domestic Energy Consumption and its Impact on Quality of Life: A case Study of  National   Capital Region (NCR) by V.K.Dixit.(Joint Supervision) (2006).

Traffic and  Environmental Assessment A Case Study of Delhi by Ms.. Rakhi Mukherjee (2007).

Cyclone Disaster Vulnerability and Mitigation along the East Coast of India by Ms. Ushvinder Kaur (2008).

Management of Municipal Solid Waste in Urban Delhi: A Geographical Analysis by Subhash Anand (2008).

Impact of Land Use Change and Industrial Development on Atmospheric Quality in Agra Metropolitan City by Vishwa Raj Sharma (2008).

Influence of Environmental Degradation on Women in Rural Delhi by Monica Rana (2008)

Land and water Resource Management in Son-Karamnasa Interfluve in Bihar by Dilip Kumar.(2009).

Spatial Analysis of Water Quality in River Yamuna and its Interrelationship with Human Activities in NCT of Delhi by Vaneeta Chandana (2009).

Environmental Implications of Agricultural Development in Patiala District, Punjab by  Neha Arora (2011).

Forest Resource Assessment: A Case Study of Dehradun Valley by Ms. Poonam Kumaria (2011)

Hazards and Associated Risks in Upper Bhagirathi Basin by Subodh Kumar (2011) .

Monitoring Land Use Change and its Environmental Impacts in Jaipur City using Geoinformatics by R.K.Gupta (2011)

Assessment of Integrated Watershed  Development Programme in Haryana Shiwalik, by Mehtab Singh (2012).

Supervision of Doctoral Thesis, under progress-5

Glacier Lake Outburst Flood and Associated Geohazards in Himachal Himalaya by Pankaj Kumar.

Influence of Climate Change on Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve by Suraj Mal.

Climatic Variability and Farming Flexibility: A Case Study of Uttarakhand Himalaya by Swati Thakur.

Agriculture Vulnerability to Climate Change in Rajasthan 1950-2010 by Ajay Kumar Gurjar.

Climate Change and Livelihood Security in Kangra District by Swarnima Singh Environmental Effects of Highland Tourism in Kashmir Himalayas by Ali Akbar Pirazizy (1987).

Forestry and Rural Development in the Upper Yamuna Valley - A Study of Jaunsar Bawar  by Sarita Ghai (1988).

Rural Development in Mountainous Region: A Case Study of Mandi Tehsil by A.R. Khan (1989).

Non-farming Activities and Rural Transformation: A Case Study  of  Alipur Block (Delhi) by Tejvir Singh (1989).

Assessment of Existing Environmental Data Base and Research Stations for Geographical Monitoring and Forecasting in India by Romila Prasad (1990).

Environmental Transformation of Ganganagar - Impact of Indira Canal by Seema Gupta (1989).

Flood Hazard in North Bihar by Arun K. Singh (1992).

Environmental Aspects of Rural Water Supply in Cholapur Block, Varanasi District By B.W. Pandey  (1992).

Waterlogged Areas in Karnal District: A Geographical Analysis  by Mehtab Singh (1994).

10  Ecological and Socio-Economic Impacts of River Basin Development: A Case of Sardar Sarovar Project by Umesh Kumar (1993).

Assessment of Erosional Hazards and Critical Zones in Chamoli  District by Meeta Sharma (1994).

Spatial Pattern of Non-Conventional Energy Use in U.T. of  Delhi by Ritu Malik (1994).

Ecological Implications of Land Use Changes and Forest  Renewal in Solan  District by  G.N.S.Gurudatt (1994).

Transformation of  Socio-Economic  Environment in a  Metropolitan Fringe Area - A Case Study of   Kanjhawala Block by Sanjiv (1995).

Lanscape  Fragility and Environmental Change in Kullu Valley  by D. Tingal (1995).

Industrial Growth  and Environment Degradation in Gurgaon District by Spandan Naneet (1996). 

Environmental Implications of Rural-Urban Fringe ofDelhi - A   Case Study of Najafgarh Block by Shilpa Chikara (1996).

Degrading Delhi  Ridge Forest: Changing Scenario and   Conservation Efforts by Rakhi Mukherjee (1996).

Village Common  Land and its Management in  the Upper Beas     Basin by Mohammed Baber Ali (1997).

Ecological Dimensions of Desertification in Jhunjhunun  District by Anoop Kumar (1997).

Indigenous Knowledge in the Protection of the Mountain Ecosystem- A Case Study of Kullu Valley by Ambika Chugh (1997)

Women Empowerment  and Sustainable Development of Mountain Environment in Kullu Valley by Monica  Rana (1997).

Land  Degradation with Special Reference to Spread of Brick  Kiln Industry in Kanjhawala Block (Delhi) by  Jag Mohan (1997).

Socio-Economic and Spatial Mobility of Street Children in Delhi by Hemant Kumar (1997).

Geographical Analysis of  Water Pollution in Hooghly River by  Debasri Mukherjee (1998).

Varanasi- A Study in Impact of Development on the Environment  by Tripta Singh (1998).

Sustainable Livelihood and Food Security in Kullu Block by Kirti Bas (1998).

Impact of Rural Development Programmes on Socio-Economic  Conditions in Rural Delhi by Subhash (1999)

Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation of Cyclone Disaster in Coastal Region of Andhra Pradesh by Ushvinder Kaur (2000).

Air Pollution and Open Cast  Coal Mining in Talcher Region (Orissa) by Hema Gupta (1999).

Environmental and Socio-Economic Implications of Tala- Hydro Electric Project in Wanchu Valley,  Bhutan by  Smirti Kumari (2001).

32.  Climatic variability, Agrohorticultural Production and extreme Events in Mountainous areas-A Case Study of Kullu District by   S. Sen Roy.(2002).

Spatial Analysis of Air pollution-A Case Study of Agra City by Vishwa Raj Sharma (2003).

Flood impact and Management in the Bhagalpur district, Bihar by Nilesh Kr. Singh (2003).

Role of ENGOs towards Environmental Improvement in Delhi by Kiran Dabas (2003).

Urban Water Problems in Delhi Metropolitan Region by Sheel Kumar (2003).

Impact of Flood on Biodiversity in Kaziranga National Park, Assam by M. Bortamuly (2004).

Spatial Analysis of Wastewater Reuse in Delhi by Reena Singh (2004).

Impact of Super Thermal Power Station on Land Degradation: A Case Study of Kahalgaon by Arun Kumar Singh (2005)..

Retreat of Gangotri glacier and related geo-hazards in Upper Bhagirathi basin by Subodh Kumar (2005).

Integrated Watershed Management in Upper Yamuna-Tons basin by Nawal Prakash (2005).

Human Impact on landuse Change and Biodiversity in Sariska Tiger Reserve by Nidhi Gandhi (2005).

Ecotourism in Pokhara Valley by Baasanti Shahi (2006).

Land Use/Cover Change, Landslides and their Influence on Biodiversity in Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve by Suraj Mal (2006).

Human Impact and Indegenous Knowledge on Biodiversity in Rajaji National Park by Abhineety Goel.(2006).

Sustainable Mountain Ecotourism Development in Uttarkashi District of Uttaranchal by Pankaj Kumar (2007).

Climate Variability, Extreme Events and Land Use Change- A Case Study of Doon Valley, by Swati Thakur (2007).

Integrated Coastal Zone Management along Visakhapatnam by Shalini Sharan (2007).

Disaster Vulnerability and Mitigation Plan for NOIDA and Greater NOIDA by Swarnima Singh (2007).

Environmental Vulnerability of the High Altitude Wetlands of Changthang Valley by Anupam Anand (2007).

Integrated Coastal Zone Management of Goa by Sujeet Kumar (2008).

Spatial Distribution of Urban Heat Islands in Delhi by Manoj Kumar (2008) .

Urban hydrology of Mithi River in Mumbai by Kanishk Kumar Singh.(2009).

Depletion and Degradation of Biodiversity in National Capital Territory of Delhi by Parul Jain (2009).

Herbal Home Remedies in North-West District of  Delhi and Haridwar District of Uttarakhand by Nitu (2010).

Industrial Development   and Environmental Degradation in Panipat City by Ritu (2010).

Spatial –Temporal Variability in Traditional Water Bodies of Delhi by Sarita (2010).

Vulnerability to Climate Change in Arid Region of Rajasthan by Ajay Kumar Gurjar (2011).

Urban Climate Change in Kolkota Metropolitan Region by Rituparna Nath (2011).

Agricultural Vulnerability to Climatic Change in the Dry Regions of Haryana by Rajesh Kumar (2011).

Status and Planning for Low Carbon Resilient Mega City- A Case study of Delhi by Vidhi Saluja (2012).

Integrated Coastal Zone Management in North Kanara Coast by Ashok Kumar (2012)

Supervision of M.Phil dissertations, under progress-11

Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) of the Kosi River, India by Manikant Manish.

Assessing Drought Vulnerability in Mirzapur Region of Uttar Pradesh by Bhanu Prakash Singh

Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services in Kullu Valley by Ranjeet Kumar

Integrated River Management of the Lower Brahmaputra Basin by Abhay  Shankar Prasad

Climate Change and Glacier Fluctuation in Pindari Region, Uttarakhand by Santosh Kumar

Environmental Implications of Road and Dam Construction in Norh District of Sikkim by Sisum W. Bhutia

Role of Self Help Groups in Joint Forest Management in Kumaun Region by Atithi Pant

Climatic Variability and Water Quality in Hadoti Region, Rajasthan by Ravikant Meena

Ecological Footprint Assessment in Dharamshala Tehsil, Himachal Pradesh by Naresh Kumar

Dynamics of Agriculture and Forestry as a Source of Sustainable Livelihood – A Case Study of Kangra District by Sandeep Jha

Monsoons in India: Variability and Influence on Agriculture by Mansi Janmaijaya


Presentations In foreign countries

Presented Paper in the International Symposium at The University of Tokyo during December 13-17, 2009

Presented paper in the International Conference at the Australian National University, Canberra (Australia) during April 20-24, 2010

Presented Paper and chair a session in the International Congress hosted by the  Japan Geosciences Union, at Chiba (Japan) during May 22-26, 2010.

Delivered llectures in the International Summer School Workshop at the University of Turku, Finland during August 24-27, 2010

Presented papers in Global Land Project Meeting  at Arizona State University, USA during October 17-19, 2010

Presented paper in the SLUAS 2011 Winter Workshop hosted by the  Hokkaido University of Education at Asahikawa Campus  (Japan) during January 28-February 1, 2011

Present papers and chair a session in the Japan Geoscience Union  (JpGU) Meeting  during May 22-27, 2011  at Chiba, Japan

Presented paper and chair a session in the 2nd MAIRS Workshop, June 7-11, 2011  at Harbin, China

Presented paper in International Workshop on Developing Asian Mega Cities toward a Sustainable World, at Zhangjiajie, China during April 25-27, 2012.

Delivered invited Special lecture and Presented two papers and chair a session in the Japan Geoscience Union  (JpGU) Meeting  during May 21-23, 2012  at Chiba, Japan

Conference Presentation in India

Chaired a session and presented paper at the Indo-Korean seminar, Department of East Asian studies, University of Delhi, February, 20, 2009

Presented paper at the Indo-Danish seminar, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi during February, 27-28, 2009.

Deliver key note lecture at the IGU Seminar at CMD PG College, Bilaspur during Oct. 7-9, 2009.

Presented Paper in the 31st Indian Geography Congress at Jabalpur during November 19-21, 2009.

Presented Key Paper in the Indo-Korean Researcher Seminar at IIC during February 22, 2010.

Chair a session at the IGU DU Seminar during March 3-4, 2010.

Presented Paper in the Seminar on Biodiversity at the SPA, New Delhi  on April 28, 2010.

Participated and chair a session in the 32nd Indian Geography Congress at Chandigarh during November 19-21, 2010.

Presented Paper and chair a session in the IGU Commission Seminar on Land use, Biodiversity and Climate Change at the Cotton College, Guwahati on December 11-13, 2010

Delivered lecture in plenary session and chair a session in the NAGI 3rd International Conference  on Sustainable Natural Resource Management under Changing Climatic Scenarios  at the CWRDM, Kozikode, May 06-08, 2011

Deliverd Prof. C.P. Singh Memorial Lecture and presented Paper in the 33rd   Indian Geography Congress at Burdwan during November 11-13, 2011.

Delivered Keynote lecture at MLB College, Gwalior on March, 03, 2012.

Delivered Lecture as Resource Person at DST Training Programme on GIS at MDU University Rohtak on 16th June, 2012. 

Research Projects (Major Grants/Research Collaboration)

Principal Investigator: Livelihood Security in Changing Socio-Economic Environment in Himachal Pradesh, India (2012 onwards) collaborated with University of Turku, Finland.

Co-Investigator: Shastri Applied Research Project (SHARP) on Role of Public, Private and Civil Sectors in   Sustainable Env. Management (2003-2005) collaborated with Univ. Of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Canada sponsored by Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute.

Project Director: ICSSR -Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternative in Dev. (IDPAD) on Environmental Implications and its Socio-Economic Implications in Rural-Urban Fringe of Delhi -Univ. of Delhi & Univ. of Groningen, The Netherlands. (1997-2002).

Project Director, DFID Res. Project on Enhancing Food Chain Integrity…Pollution Impact on Vegetable System (2000-2) in Peri-Urban Areas, Collaboration with Imperial College, London, UK 

Awards and distinctions

UNESCO/ISSC, Paris Research and Study Grant Award in Social & Human Sciences, 1988.

UNEP-UNITAR Fellowship for Training in GIS Technology in the Field of Environment, at EPFL-Laussane and GRID-Geneva, October 1988 to April 1989.

Guest Fellowship for Asian Scholar, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark during Sept.-Oct. 1998

Visiting programme and  Lectures during short term visit in November, 2008 and August, 2010 at the Department of Geography, Univ. of Turku, Finland.

Several Travel Fellowships/ Support  from UNEP, UNITAR,UNU, UNCRD, WCRP, IAHS, IGU, NASDA, INSA, UGC, SICI and Univ. of Delhi etc. for participating and presenting papers, Chairing session and discussing research projects in more than  30 countries.

Leader, INSA National Delegation to Tunis International Geography Congress, 2008, Tunisia

Dy. Coordinator, UGC-DRS Programme, Department of Geography, University of Delhi.

Nominated Member Curriculum Development for Geoinformatics jointly nominated by UGC and Department of Space, Govt. of India.

Expert Committee Member: UGC/CEC-EDUSAT.

Past Expert -  Glossary of Geography, Comm. of Sc. & Tech. Terminology, Government of India, NRC for Evn. Education, NCERT. Member, INSA National Delegation to Glasgow International Geography Congress, 2004

Member, INSA National Delegation to Glasgow International Geography Congress, 2004

Nominated Member –Study Group for Preparation of NCR  Plan-2021, Govt. of India.

Nominated Member-Board of Studies, TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi since 2003.

Second Position in M.A. Geography and First Position in Dip. in Stat. Methods 

Association with Professional Bodies

Nominated Member-IUGG-IGU  Nat. Committee, Indian National Science Academy (2008-2015).

Vice-Chair-IGU Commission on Biogeography and Biodiversity (2008-12)

Elected Secretary General-Nat. Asso. Of Geographers India (2002-2010); Joint Secretary in   2001

Nominated Steering Comm. Members of Various Commissions - Int. Geographical Union (IGU) Commissions (1988-2008).

Nominated Special Representative-World Asso. Of Soil and Water Conservation, 2007-2010.

Associate Faculty, Global Earth System Governance Project of ESSP, The Netherlands since 2008.

Regional Promoter-South Asia, IGU Initiative Culture, Civilisations and Human Dev. 2006-2009.

Elected Secretary, Hydrology Section, Asia-Ocenia Geoscience Society, Singapore, 2004-2007.

South Asian Rep. in Managing Board of Commonwealth Geographical Bureau (1992-2000).

Nominated Member, ICAR Programme Impl. Comm. on Land Use/Cover Change and Food Security in Indo-Gangetic Plain.

Chairman - NAGI -Comm. on Env. Monitoring and GIS Since 1989-2000.

Elected Recorder - Earth System Science Section of Indian Science Congress Association (1996-98)


Managing Editor- Nat. Asso. Of Geographers, India , NAGI (2010-13)

Member-Editorial Advisory Board, Indian Jl. Of Development Research and Social Action.

Editor, Asso. of Geographical Studies, Delhi University- 2002-2007.

Member-Editorial Board, Journal of Water & Land Use Management

Other Activities

Public Service / University Service / Consulting Activity

Served as R.T., Warden and Acting Provost of Gwyer Hall for more than 13 years during April 1987 to September 2000.