University of Delhi
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Prof. J. V. Meenakshi

     Delhi School of Economics,
University of Delhi, Delhi 110007

Educational Qualifications


Cornell University


Subjects:  Agricultural Economics, Statistics, Applied Econometrics


Cornell University


Subjects: Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Policy


University of Maryland


Subjects: Economics

Career Profile

Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram

Visiting Scholar

1 year

Teaching and research

International Food Policy Research Institute

Research Fellow

4 years


University of Delhi

Research Associate, Lecturer, Reader, Professor

13 years

Teaching and research

Areas of Specialization / Interest

Health economics, Economics of micronutrient malnutrition

Agricultural Markets and Institutions

Food Demand

Rural Poverty in India

Impact assessment

Subjects Taught

Econometric Methods, Markets and Institutions in Agriculture, Applied Demand Analysis, Economic Development and Planning in India

Publications Profile

Research papers published in Refereed/Peer Reviewed Journals

Meenakshi, J V Johnson, Manyong, DeGroote, Javelosa, Yanggen, Naher. 2009. How Cost-Effective is Biofortification in Combating Micronutrient Malnutrition? An Ex ante Assessment. World Development.
Stein, A, M Qaim, P Nestel, H Sachdev & Z Bhutta. 2008. Potential impacts of iron biofortification in India. Social Science and Medicine.
JV, Meenakshi. 2008. Millers, Commission Agents and Collusion in Grain Markets: Evidence from Basmati Auctions in North India. B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Contributions.
Stein, A, M Qaim, P Nestel, H Sachdev & Z Bhutta. 2007. Plant Breeding to Control Zinc Deficiency in India: How Cost-Effective is Biofortification. Public Health.
Nestel, P, H Bouis and W Pfeiffer. 2006. Biofortification of Staple Food Crops. Journal of Nutrition.
JV, Meenakshi & Abhijit Banerji. 2005. The Unsupportable Support Price: An Analysis of Collusion and Government Intervention in Paddy Auction Markets in North India. Journal of Development Economics.
Meenakshi, J V and Abhijit Banerji. 2004. Buyer Collusion and Efficiency of Government Intervention in Wheat Markets in Northern India: An Asymmetric Structural Auctions Analysis. American Journal of Agricultural Economics.
Meenakshi, J V and Jaivir Singh. 2004. Understanding the Feminisation of Agricultural Labour. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics.
Meenakshi, J V. 2004. Women in Agricultural and Rural Development. Special Issue of the Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Association with Professional Bodies

Members, Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, Indian Econometric Society, Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, International Society of Agricultural Economics

Other Activities

Projects (Major Grants / Collaborations)

Have received grants from:

Reserve Bank of India

Ministry of Agriculture

The World Bank


2008: “Are Consumers in Developing Countries Willing-to-Pay More for Nutritent-rich Staple Foods? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Uganda” 2008: HarvestPlus Working Paper 3, with Shyamal Chowdhury, Keith Tomlins and Constance Owori. Under a revise and resubmit to the American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

2007:  The Determinants of Child Nutritional Status,” with Rekha Sharma and Sanghamitra Das. Forthcoming as UNU WIDER book chapter.

2007: “Using Propensity Score Matching to Analyze the Impact of Biofortification: the case of Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato Adoption in Uganda” with Anukriti and Daniel O. Gilligan.

2006: “The changing pattern of undernutrition in India: A comparative analysis across regions” 2006: UNU-WIDER Research Paper 2006/118, with Brinda Viswanathan.

2006: “Groundwater irrigation in North India: institutions and markets” 2006:  South Asia Network for Development and Environmental Economics Working Paper 19-06 with Abhijit Banerji and Gauri Khanna.

2005: “Analyzing the health benefits of biofortified staple crops by means of the Disability-Adjusted Life Years Approach: A Handbook Focusing on Iron, Zinc and Vitamin A,” 2005:-. HarvestPlus Technical Monograph 4 with A. Stein, M. Qaim, P. Nestel, H.P.S. Sachdev and Z. Bhutta

2005: “Calorie Deprivation in rural India between 1983 and 1999/2000: Evidence from unit record data” in Angus Deaton and Valerie Kozel, eds, The Great Indian Poverty Debate, Macmillan with Brinda Viswanathan

2005: “Competition and collusion in grain markets: Basmati Auctions in North India”  in Ajitava Raychaudhuri and Biswajit Chatterji, eds, Growth Finance and Development, Deep with Abhiji Banerji

2005: “Micronutrient Deficiencies in rural diets,” in M.S. Swaminathan and Pedro Medrano, eds, Towards Hunger-Free India: From Vision to Action, East-West Books, with Rekha Sharma