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Dr. Amitava Chakraborty

  Associate Professor
     North Campus, University of Delhi,
Delhi – 110007

Educational Qualifications


Assam University


Thesis topic: Postmodernism and Uttaradhunikata in Bengali Literature and Thought: A Critical Study


Assam University


Subjects: Cultural Studies (Bengali)


Assam University


Subjects: Bengali

Career Profile

Assam University

Junior Research Fellow



Tripura University



Teaching and Research

Tripura University


2006- present

Teaching and Research

Areas of Specialization / Interest

My research interests include literary and cultural theory, historiography of Indian literatures, North Eastern Literatures, Globalization, and, history of Rhetoric. I am especially interested in understanding comparatively the circulation of western theoretical ideas in dependent knowledge-cultures. At present I am doing a comparative analysis of the circulation of Postmodernism in such cultures. I am also interested in the study of Swarajist trends in dependent societies. 

Subjects Taught

1999-2006: History of Literature; Manuscriptology; Literary Theory; Indian Literature; Medieval and Modern Poetry; Fiction.

2006-present: Literary and Cultural Theory; Comparative Poetics; Tagore Studies; Medieval Literature, Post-colonialism and Postmodernism in Indian Literatures


“Uttaradhunikata: Svarup Sandhan”, presented at the International Seminar on Bangal Uttaradhunik Sahitya Chinta, Shreecharaneshu, Kolkata, 2004.

“Shabnam: Rasarup”, presented at the International Seminar on Sayad Mujtaba Ali O Bangla Sahitya”, Tripura University, 2004

First International Online Conference on Second and Foreign Language Teaching and Research, Reading Matrix, California, 2004

“Conceptualizing Intellectual Encounter: Reworking the Krishnachandrian Framework”, International Conference on “Dialogics of Cultural Encounters”, Forum on Contemporary Theory and Department of English, Andhra University, 2004

“Rhetorical Figures in Contemporary Indian Literatures: A Selective Study”, XIth Congress of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 2005

“Language, Identity, Electronic Media and Government Policy”, Address of the Chief Speaker in the International Language Day Programme, Department of Higher Education, Govt of Tripura, 2005.

“Ideology and Identity Dynamics: A study of the Evolution of State Cultural Policy in Tripura” presented jointly with M. Deb and R. Ghosh at the National Seminar on “The Tribe, Peasants and Modern Identity in North Eastern India c.1800 – 2000AD”, Indian Council of Historical Research and Tripura University, 2006

“European Postmodernism: A Comparative Study of the Responses in Non-Western Centers”, IXth International Congress on European Culture, Universidad de Navarra, Spain, 2007

“Constructions of Hinduism: Understanding the Swarajist Interventions”, International Seminar on “Rethinking Religion in India”, IGNCA, India, 2008

“Negotiating the ‘Eternal’: Epics in Contemporary Bengali Women’s Writings”, presented at the National Seminar on Indian Epics, University of Delhi, 2008

“Comparative Indian Literature : Revisiting the Vision” presented at the National Seminar on “World Literature and Current Issues in Comparative Literature”, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, 2008

“Buddhadeb Basu: Adhunikatar Nirman”, International Buddhadeb Basu Birth Centenary Conference, Assam University, Silchar, 2008

“Ashapurna: Vikalpa Nari Aitihyer Sandhane”, presented at the National Seminar on “Place and Position of Women in the Society as Envisaged by Ashapurna Devi”, T. M. Bhagalpur University, Bihar, 2009

Research Projects (Major Grants/Research Collaboration)

Principal Investigator, UGC Minor Research Project on “Postmodernism and Uttaradhunikata in Bengali Literature and Thought: A Critical Study”, Tripura University, 2001-2003

Co-investigator, UGC Major Research Project on “Traditions and Trends in the Fields of Literary and Cultural Theorization: Mapping the Non-western Spaces.” 2006-2008.

Awards and distinctions

2005 Sadhana Bhattacharya Research Award, Kolkata Little Magazine Library and Research Center

Association with Professional Bodies

Member, Forum on Contemporary Theory, India

Member, International Society for the History of Rhetoric.

General Secretary, International Society of Bengal Studies.

Other Activities

Encyclopedia Contribution:

Rhetoric of South Asia, International Encyclopedia of Communication, Blackwell, 2008

Editorial Board Memberships: Books

Member, Editorial Board, Drohakal: 1857, Bengal Association, New Delhi, & Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, 2009

Editorial Board Memberships: Refereed Journals

Member, Editorial Board, Advances in the History of Rhetoric, American Society for the History of Rhetoric, USA

Member, Editorial Board, Al Hikmah, Global Research Center for Islamic Culture and Thought, Iran.

Public Service / University Service / Consulting Activity

Elected Member, Faculty Council, P G Faculty of Arts and Commerce, Tripura University, 2001-2004.

Part time Academic Counselor, IGNOU, Tripura University Study Center, 2002-2004.

NSS Programme Officer, Tripura University, 2003-2006.

Vice Chancellor’s Nominee, Syndicate, Tripura University, 2004-2006.

Vice Chancellor’s Nominee, Academic Council, Tripura University, 2005-2006.

General Secretary, Tripura University Teachers Association, 2005-2006.


Translation of Assamese poems into Bengali have been published in India and Bangladesh .