University of Delhi
Faculty Member Profile


Ms. Mitali Barman

  Assistant Professor
     Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies,
Tutorial Building, Faculty of Arts,
University of Delhi, Delhi 110007

Educational Qualifications


Gauhati University


Thesis Topic: The Syntax of the Guru Charit Katha


Gauhati University


Subjects:Assamese Language

Career Profile

University of Delhi

Assistant Professor

2008 onwards

Teaching and Examining of  BA(Hons)Cerdit Course, BA(Hons)Qualifying Course, BA(Pass), B.Com(Hons), B.Com(Pass), MA in Comparative Indian Literature, M.Phil in Comparative Indian Literature,  M.Phil (Qualifying Language Course), Dept of History

Areas of Specialization / Interest

Language Teaching and Linguistics

Subjects Taught

M.Phil in Comparative Indian Literature

M.phil (Qualifying Language Course), Dept. of History

MA in Comparative Indian Literature

BA(Hons) Credit Course

BA(Hons) Qualifying Course




Certificate and Diploma Course in Assamese language


Participated in the Special Lectures Organised by the Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies :A Lecture by Prof Mohd. Yusuf Siddiq, Department of Islamic Studies, Punjab University, Lahor, Pakistan   “Inscriptions as an Art in the Islamic Architecture of Bangal”  on 2nd February, 2010.

Participated in the DRS Seminar: National Seminar Under the DRS Programme “Literature, Art and Other Disiplines: Interrelationships”on 25-26 March,2010.

National Seminar:

"Fictional World of Indira Goswami" on  12-14 November,2009.

International Seminar:

"International Congress of Bangal Studies" on 25-28 February, 2010.

Endowment Lecture: Participated in the Thirteenth Endowment Lecture by Prof. N. Muthu Mohan, Head, Department of Guru Nanak Studies, Madurai  Kamaraj University, Madurai “Tamil Philosophical Traditions in the Continental Context”on 5th March,2010

Paper Presented in the Deptt of MIL & LS, University of Delhi.

Other Activities

 Participated in the Poetry Reading Festival,Organised by NISHABD, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, on 27th March,2010

Public Service / University Service / Consulting Activity

Question Paper setter and Examiner of National Open School

Question Paper setter and Examiner of All the Subjects Mentioned Above