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Kirori Mal College

Dr. S.P. Gupta (Offg. Principal) (Principal)
College Address Kirori Mal College
North Campus
University of Delhi
Delhi – 110007
College Phone 27667861, 27667939
College Fax 27666579
          Kirori Mal College

About College

Kirori Mal College, established in 1954, is a co-educational constituent college of the University of Delhi. Our college has acquired a Position of excellence in nearly all aspects of life. Its academic standing has been effectively and ably supported by excellence in the fields of sports, debating, dramatics, music, photography and fine arts; which has enabled the development of a distinct personality of its students. To quote former vice-Chancellor, Professor Deepak Nayyar: “Kirori Mal College is the jewel of Delhi University. It is one of the finest institutions and has in it all the requirements that a college need to have to strive ahead succeed”.

Over the years, the college has built up an impressive array of academic, spots and cultural facilities.  We have a fully computerized library, a state of the art computer centre, an active placement cell, a well equipped seminar room, a brand new gymnasium, sprawling eco-friendly lawns, and many other facilities.

There has been substantial improvement in the College infrastructure during the year 2007.08. At the same time there has been major renovation of Physics & Chemistry Lab under Heritage Programme.

The College has two Computer Labs. and the Library System of the College is totally computerised..

The College maintains its own tradition of celebrating Founders’ Day, Annual Day & Graduate Farewell Dinner. The College in honouring the staff members who have rendered 25 years of their services in the College. The Students participation was very enthusiastic & encouraging. The various events were organized by Debate, MUSOC, FAPS, Players & Film Societies.  The College is providing financial assistance to deserving students of the College. The College has 3200 students on its roll out of which 150 live in the Hostel.

Kirori Mal College Shines in NASA

A team comprising of two students from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, Kamal Arora, 2nd yr B.Sc. Physics hons and Khyati Vardhan, 1st yr Phys hons, along with their faculty advisor Dr Sumitra Mohanty were invited by NASA to participate in the Moonbuggy event at the US Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville, Alabama, USA on the 3rd and 4th April, 2009. The team had designed, fabricated and transported their own 'moonbuggy' for the competition to Huntsville. 

There were about 76 teams participating from all over USA, Canada, Germany etc. including eight teams from India. Among a total of eight awards for various categories in the competition, Kirori Mal College bagged two prestigious awards. One award was for 'Outstanding Efforts in Developing a Human Powered Lunar Rover’, while the other was for 'System Safety Engineering'. The 'System Safety Engineering' this year was a problem posed to the participating teams to suggest a design for tackling the menacing 'moon dust' problem, which occurs during  'day-time' on the surface of the moon caused by cosmic rays & solar winds.

The judges were extremely appreciative of the efforts made by this team, and are looking forward to seeing the Kirori Mal College team again next year with a new/improved design.

Incidentally, Kirori Mal College was the only team from India to have received an award. It was a great moment when they walked up the stage to receive their awards amongst chanting of 'Jai Ho' by all Indian students, in a PACKED Davidson Center 3-D Auditorium, dotted with top-notch NASA Scientists. 

The Kirori Mal College team was financially supported by the University of Delhi.

Governing Body

Mr. Baleshwar Rai, I.A.S. (Retd.) (Chairperson) 9811759199(M), 22732662(R)
H.No.-1029, Sector-40
Gurgaon(haryana)- 122001

Faculty Members

Department of Bengali

Dr. (Ms) Sipra Choudhury9811125409

Department of Botany

Dr. I.J. Chaubey9811323076
Dr. (Ms) Manju A.Lal9810898863
Dr. P.P. Singh9818019023
Dr. (Ms) Akhilesh Tewari9811348893
Dr. (Ms) Kusum Shukla9868243329
Dr. (Ms) Renu Kathpalia9971979997
Sh. Sunil Kr. Dhiman9871158513
Dr. (Ms.) Rajni Gupta9873345150
Mr. Ram Babu9810840561

Department of Chemistry

Dr. Virendra Kumar9811352607
Dr. Nitin Kohli9871732403
Dr. J.N. Srivastava
Dr. J.L. Sharma9899776888
Dr. F. Kamil9811614838
Dr. (Ms) Sudershan Gera9810586407
Dr. (Ms) Kalpana Mehrotra9891495219
Dr. Tazeen Mahmood9810934261
Ms. Kalpana Bharara9811181583
Dr. Rakesh Kr.Parashar9810348999
Dr. Sudipta Ghosh9811435791
Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh9811141062
Dr. Mamta Sharma9350547156
Dr. Shalini Nigam9871143827
Sh. M. Ramananda 9871130247
Sh. Ram Sunil Kumar Lalji 9811867814
Dr. (Ms.) Reena Saxena9810241580
Dr. (Ms.) Geetanjali9350900454

Department of Commerce

Dr. M.C. Nahar9818692472
Sh. Pitambar Bhatt
Sh. J.P. Mahajan9891077066
Dr. S.C. Garg9811012278
Dr. S.P. Gupta9810072515
Dr. R.K. Sharma
Dr. (Ms) Uma Sharma
Dr. (Ms.) Seema Joshi9717133077
Sh. Pushpender Kumar9213235831
Ms. Mamta Mitra9968285601

Department of Computer Science

Ms. Mamta Sareen9868009426
Ms. Geetanjali Kher

Department of English

Sh. B.P. Mishra9810521411
Dr. T.A.P. Singh
Mrs. Alka Rakesh9871417715
Mr. Keval Arora9810292749
Sh. Sunjay Sharma
Mr. D.R. Kapse
Mr. Someshwar Sati9958349702
Sh. Deb Dulal Halder9818745199
Sh. Rudrashish Chakravarty9968253813
Ms. Amrapali Basumatary 9718242891

Department of Economics

Sh. R.A. Choudhury9810837781
Dr. T. Ravi Kumar9811970163
Sh. Ajay Ranjan Singh
Sh. Soumyajit Bhattacharya9818594580
Sh. Rabi Shankar Prasad9968508547
Sh. Samir Kumar Singh9818736863
Ms. Vineeta9818002272
Ms. Niti Khandelwal9891970849

Department of Geography

Dr. (Ms) Rekha Sharma9313751977
Dr. Kaushal Kumar Sharma9810002953
Dr . (Ms) Seema M. Parihar9810333191
Dr. (Ms) Anshu 9811207760
Ms. Karuna Shree9911199538
Dr. Mohammed Baber Ali9868282488
Sh. Khusro Moin9868483996
Sh. Arun Kumar Tripathi9868669646

Department of Hindi

Dr. Mahesh Kumar9910413886
Mrs. Vidya Sinha9717050367
Dr. (Ms) Kiran Nanda9810777076
Dr. Bali Singh9818877429
Dr. (Ms.) Beena Jain
Dr. Pragya9811588399
Sh. Namdev 9810526252
Dr. (Ms.) Kusum Lata9968295282
Sh. Rasal Singh9868860056 09412279702
Dr. Shobha Kaur9868052954

Department of History

Dr. Firdos Anwar9810869407
Dr. (Ms.) Sundram Shukla9810398058
Sh. K.A. Singh9810318897
Sh. Sanjay Verma9868673458
Ms. Vandana Chaudhary9990120403
Ms. Shahana Bhattacharya9811689967

Department of Mathematics

Dr. V.K. Khanna
Ms. Asha Mittal9811126670
Dr. S.K. Bhambri9810150876
Dr. (Ms) Reeta Johar
Dr. Pawan Bala Agarwal9868436022
Dr. (Ms) Pratibha Kumar9350056445 9810218708
Dr. Dinesh Khattar9810821948
Dr. Shiv Kumar Kaushik9810821498
Ms. Preeti Garg
Dr. Satya Prakash Tripathi981833501
Sh. Raj Kumar 9213144888
Mr. Bhungba Maibam Khuman (OBC)9654368088
Mr. B. Semthanga (ST)9911019057 9891193205

Department of Physics

Sh. I.M. Kapahy9810037679
Dr. A.K.Nagpal9810541544
Dr. R. Venkatraman9810052743
Dr. O.P. Sharma9811536353
Dr. (Ms) Sumitra Mohanty Chakrabarti9871516282
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Pandey9811170889
Ms. Vandana Bhathla9818073771
Dr. (Ms) Sangeeta D.Gadre9811366656
Dr. (Ms) Neena Khanijo9871982760
Ms. Ratna Chaudhary9818749218
Sh. Krishan Kamal Haldar9958683688
Sh. Pradyumna Kumar Sethy9810030135
Sh. Roshan Kshetrimayum9891095077
Dr. Usha Kulshrestha9910915070
Dr. Bipin Singh Koranga9990751460

Department of Political Science

Dr. M.S. Sansanwal9873813343
Ms. Uma Gupta9968853104
Dr. Rupak Dattagupta931240903
Sh. Shyam Kumar (SC)9891205137
Dr. (Ms.) Roopinder Oberoi9899617532
Ms. Papia Sengupta Talukdar9811267576

Department of Philosophy

Mr. Rajib Ray9868169879
Ms. Sagarika Datta9968145709

Department of Physical Education

Dr. Pramod C. Sharma9810079079
Dr. (Ms) Benu Gupta9810569660

Department of Sanskrit

Dr.(Ms) Mayawati9818781107
Dr. Harish
Dr. Subhash Kr. Singh9868734513

Department of Statistics

Ms. Savitri Sharma9868345093
Dr. (Ms) Vandana S.Walia9811015325
Ms. Rashmi Goel9891963663
Dr. Gopa Karmakar9810795203
Ms. Alka Sabharwal9311589805
Sh. Shrawan Kumar

Department of Urdu

Dr. (Ms) Taiyaba Khatoon9313280532
Dr. Khalid Ashraf9968283472
Dr. Md. Yahya (Saba)9968244001
Dr. Mohd. Mohsin9868035872

Department of Zoology

Dr. Dinkar N.9810312149
Dr. Girish Chandra9818083151
Dr. Dharam Vir9910936036
Dr. (Ms.) Anita Kamra Verma9818921222
Ms. Anajli Priyadarshani 9911406185
Dr. (Ms.) Sanjukta Das9968277128 9818411546
Dr. (Ms.) Kaberi Acharia9871307615
Dr. (Ms.) Gauri Garg9811882312 9811999127

Department of Library

Dr. O.P. Hooda9810387549

Four Year Undergraduate Programme

Courses Offered


Dr. M.C. Nahar Vice-Principal & Associate Professor,
Department of Commerce,Kirori Mar College, Delhi University
(O) – 27666031
(R) – 25265065
(M) – 9818692472

Administrative Staff

Ms. Manju Jain Administrative Officer (Offg.) 27667861 (O) A-223,Clock Tower,Hari Nagar,New Delhi-110064
Mr. J. K. Tayal Section Officer (Accounts) 27667861 (O) Mr. J.K.Tayal,NTS Flat No. III/4,Kirori Mal College Campus,Delhi-110007
Ms. Ranjeet Kaur Sr. P. A. to the Principal 27667939 (O) D-1/199,IInd Floor,Lajpat Nagar-I,New Delhi110024