University of Delhi



University of Delhi highest recipient of DST PURSE Grant-2014

DU/DST Purse Grants
Department of Science and Technology Purse grant has been sanctioned to the University in 2008-2009 for excellence in science. This is based on the position of the University as No. 1 University in the country in terms of research publications during the last ten years. Proposals were invited from all the faculty members of Science departments. Nearly 50 proposals were submitted by the members under three heads. As first priority, the University considered funding multi investigator projects to strengthen interdisciplinary research. This will encourage sharing of expertise between various faculty members. Second priority was given to projects under public private interactions. Private companies have agreed to provide equal contribution for the projects. Individual faculty members are also going to be supported. In all these projects the major aim will be to improve training of the doctoral students. The bulk of the funding under these projects is expected to be spent on consumables and supplies. The total amount of the grant is Rs. 30 crores to be given in three equal annual instalments.