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Achievements & Honours

Ncweb Student Scores Highest Marks In Ba Prog 2013

Shilpa Bansal graduated from NCWEB Teaching Centre at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce with a score of 78.92% in B.A. (Prog.) in the year 2013, securing the highest marks in this course. She is working in a M.C.D School as a Contract Teacher in Swaroop Nagar. According to her, “What today I have achieved is all because of the dedicated teachers of NCWEB who always supported me”.

Business Economics students from BRAC win Research paper award

Bhim Rao Ambedkar College BBE students’ paper received the Best Research Paper Award at the Conference : India at the crossroads : Indian Business Academy ; GNOIDA, 7-8 Feb 2014. Students Involved : Gaurav Sunal ,Vishal (BBE 3rd yr). Paper Title: ‘The Efficiency in the Indian Market in the weak form : Random Walk and Calendar Effect Investigation.’ Published in India at the Crossroads, LexisNexis India pp 95-104. Mentor and co-author, Dr Rakesh Shahani, Associate Professor in the Department of Business Economics

JMC student wins first prize in 2013 Essay Contest of Jane Austen Society of North America

2013 JASNA Essay Contest First Place Winner College/University Division, Prashansa Taneja, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India

A Publication by Jane Austen Society of North America - Lovers of their Time: Untimeliness in Pride and Prejudice.

DU intern wins Prize in the US

Shreeya Umashankar, a student of DPS R.K. Puram, interned with the Vice- Chancellor’s Office in 2012, on a project initiated by the Vice-Chancellor to document the evolution of the University and the history of the area that now forms a part of the University’s campus, in context to the celebrations regarding the ‘100 Years of New Delhi’, under the mentorship of Dr Amrit Kaur Basra. She has been adjudged as the winner of the Mayborn National History Writing Contest, a prestigious international competition on national history narratives, sponsored by George Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism, USA. Her paper was a  historical narrative titled ‘1857: Death of a Durbar’ and the jury consisted of Ron Powers, the renowned Pulitzer Prize and Emmy winner.

She was invited to and attended the prestigious international Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference 2013 (July 19-21), an annual gathering of the biggest names in the world of literature and journalism. She was honored before the Conference Speakers, to whom she also presented her paper.

Her paper will be published in the Dallas Morning News and on dallasnews.com.

DU student SAACHI SONI selected for Mt. Everest expedition 2013

Saachi’s favourite quote: "It’s not the mountains that we conquer but ourselves"- Sir Edmund Hillary

Indraprastha College student, SAACHI SONI was selected to join the Everest Expedition, 6 April-1 June, 2013. Delhi University and Indraprastha College gave her financial support and plenty of encouragement for which she thanks the Vice Chancellor and the Principal of her college. In a team led by Col. Niraj Rana, Saachi finished 90% of the climb. Then due to extremely bad weather conditions and also because the team was in grave danger having lost some members, the mountaineers gave up the final summiting. Being the youngest member of the team, Saachi found the experience both challenging and philosophical. She speaks in her own words: ... Read More. Click here for Photographs

NISHA JAMES, a former student Delhi University’s Lady Shri Ram College selected for the Indian Police Service (IPS)

NISHA JAMES, a former student of the B.A. (Honours) and M.A. courses in English Literature at Delhi University’s Lady Shri Ram College (2003-2006 and 2006-2008) has recently been selected for the Indian Police Service (IPS), securing the 179th rank out of 998 selections made through the 2012 civil service exam.

She credits her success in the exam to the high-quality teaching she received at the university, which stood her in great stead in the civil service exam as she had English Literature as one of her optional subjects.

Nisha looks forward to a challenging and personally fulfilling career in the service of the nation.



A team of four students from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, which comprised of Mahima Sharma , Prachi Grover , Prashant Poddar and Priyansh Dugar , bagged second position (students were awarded with a Kindle Fire HD tablet each and a collective trophy) at an international case study competition "RUBICON 2013" held in Germany. The team competed against 10 teams from renowned universities from countries like USA, Italy, Guatemala, Ukraine etc. and were one of the youngest teams at the event.They went through a series of 3 rounds of case studies involving real life business situations. Apart from their management skills the team was highly commended for their out-of-box solutions and it was a lifetime experience for the students to meet students and professionals from across the globe.

AKASH JINDAL (18), a University of Delhi student became the youngest Indian to climb Mount Elbrus

Student of MA East Asian Studies at the University of Delhi has been awarded full scholarship for One year English master degree programme in public administration at the School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, China

Ms. Antara Ghosal, a student of MA East Asian Studies at the University of Delhi has recently been awarded full scholarship for One year English master degree programme in public administration at the School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, China.

Before enrolling for the Masters programme at Delhi University in 2012, she worked as a professional journalist with different newspapers for almost 5 years. She is a graduate from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. During this period, she also became the finalist of CNN-HT aspiring journalist award, 2006.

Antara looks forward to coming back to Delhi University after successfully completing the above mentioned course in China and pursuing further studies here.

DU student selected by Johns Hopkins for International field trip to China

Bhawna Bhatnagar pursuing M.A.(East Asian Studies) at the University of Delhi has been selected as a student representative for USIC- SAIS international field trip to China in January 2013. She took her Bachelor’s degree in Bio-Chemistry from DU and further, because of her interest in media, she pursued Journalism. She worked as a journalist briefly before enrolling in the Department of East Asian Studies. Her diverse academic background helped in her being selected for the US China Field Trip in a global competition. In these times of globalization, knowledge of different areas gives a student that extra edge. We would like to thank Johns Hopkins University, USA, for providing our students with this excellent opportunity to enter the selection process. Bhawna Bhatnagar’s experience in China and US will broaden her perspective and help her further her goals.

Exploring a Mountain: Exploring yourself

Akash Jindal & Prerna Dangi
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce & St. Stephen’s College
University of Delhi

Climbing is like meditation. We are amidst the mountains, not to show someone that we are conquering mountains, but we strongly believe within that we are conquering ourselves. We never knew we could be so strong! The same students who took a rickshaw to reach college which was hardly a kilometer away from the Metro were now at 19,000 feet with heavy rucksacks on their backs breathing the rarified air with a snow storm obstructing their goal. What greater sense of achievement could we have felt?

It was in April 2012 that we started planning for an expedition. The search for the peak, the most challenging part of planning a climb began. We started looking for a moderate peak which was also technically challenging. The Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, with its majestic, dry land hills and remote lure brought us to CB-13, the highest peak of Chandrabhaga range in Lahaul and Spiti, standing tall at the height of 6264 mts. As we geared up for the expedition and imagined ourselves at the summit, it dawned on us that we wanted to represent something larger than mere individuals at the top of a mountain. Being students of the University of Delhi and freshmen at that, we were inspired by the urge to leave a mark, to do something offbeat. So it was decided that we would take the name our university to the top. We visited the Sports Council and shared our vision of placing the flag of Delhi University at 6264 meters. Our plans met with immense support from the Council and several administrators at the University including the Registrar, Advisor Alumni Affairs and Dean Academics. We were encouraged by their blessings and their faith in us.

Leaving Delhi Behind

We started our expedition on the evening of 6th July 2012. A ten hour road journey through Jagatsukh, Rohtang Pass, Chattru and then Batal (the last road head) brought us to the final point of habitation at a small dhaba near Batal with a few tourists camping to visit the serene Chandrataal(the source of river Chandra) from where our expedition would actually begin. As we set off for Base Camp at a place called Maidan(Ground) by shepherds at 13,000 ft with 25 kgs on our backs, we came to terms with the physical endurance required to become a true mountaineer. Fortunately, the picturesque journey along the route from Manali till the base of the mountains in Spiti Valley was a visual treat despite its arduous nature.

As we moved along, setting up Base camp (Maidan), a grassy patch used by shepherds at 13,405 ft, Intermediate Camp (14,350 ft) on moraine, Advance Base Camp (15,300 ft) on rocks, Camp 1 (16,100 ft) on the glacier and Summit camp (18,300 ft) on the crevices, we gained substantial height of about 18,000 feet while approaching our summit camp which was a bit steep with slopes from 30 degrees to 50 degrees and the conditions of high altitude started to affect our appetite and energy. However, the sudden drops in temperature, the increasing velocity of the howling wind or the constant beat of falling rain failed to diminish our spirits and we trudged on. Clambering over the broken and always unstable rocks caused anxiety, especially while moving from Base camp (13,000 ft) till Advance Base camp (15,300 ft) but we were always focused on the target ahead. Leaping over the cracks and crevices while peering at the bottomless gaps in the ice below proved to be was immensely challenging. We accept we were scared. Every time we reached the top of one ridge, we saw two more, and then we would climb further and see yet others and so on to an endless vision of snow. The trail, with slopes varying from 30 to 60 degrees tested our potential. Never once during the expedition did the trivial worries of our mundane city lives bother us. On the bare mountain slopes, those obstacles of life seemed so small.

Journey unto Self

Every step we took was a herculean effort and it made us ask ourselves 'Why are we here? What would we gain out of this?’ But once we made it to the top, all pain, all doubts vanished and a joyful smile graced our face as we unfurled the flag of Delhi University at the summit ridge of CB 13- 19,500 ft on July 13, 2012 at 1215 hours. The world from that height looked incredibly pure, serene, and we felt then, an everlasting bond with nature. The sunlight bathed us with its rays and brought in us a new awakening and a new meaning with which to lead this life. Surely, we were taking only one thing from the mountain- a better knowledge of ourselves. And we promised the mountains that we would return and have a date with them soon. Descending is the tricky part of any mountaineering trip, so we were cautious. As we crossed past the camps, the memories started pouring in. The route was now scanned in our brains and the mental map told us how far we were yet to go.

We arrived safely. So did the advance team who also came across the wreckage of the aircraft, AN-12 that had crashed in 1968 and had 102 army personnel on board. More than a truck load worth of scrap and debris was strewn across the glacier valley right ahead of CB-13. They found wires, fuselage, a propeller and even bags of those who died during that crash but only managed to bring back an ID card of a soldier named Arjun Singh from Pune due to the weight and lack of time. There was now a historical element that had been added to our trip.

It was a journey that changed us and we will reminisce about our glorious days. Mountains do not change; they change the humans who try to connect with them. So it was with us.

Back to Delhi

Now we are back in our city habitations but we hope that our mountain journey would inspire our peers and teachers to go out in the wilderness and explore the unknown. And more importantly, discover themselves like never before. If you are interested about mountains and wilderness, contact us at akash_jindal7@yahoo.com and prernadangi21@gmail.com . We will be glad to hear from you. Cheers!