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Percipience The Delhi University Eminent Alumni Lecture Series

US- based Scholar Alumnus scripts record donation in the historic Viceregal Lodge 22 february 2017

Alumni, the certificate process made easy !

alumnus Parliamentarian Dr Ashwani Kumar's stirring Farewell Speech Rajya Sabha 16.03.2016

The irrepressible Professor Randhir Singh, In Memoriam

2 – term Judge CAT G George Paracken passes away 2016

Global Achiever LSR's Aung San Suu Kyi elected Foreign Minister Myanmar 2016

SBS Golden Jubilee 1967 – 2016 / 2017

3 - time National AwardWinning filmmaker alumnus Sudhir Mishra 2016

Sudhir Mishra : Strong women in my films are inspired by LSR students

Some of our myriad Alumni Global Achievers

Jurisprudentially Ours

Chief Justices The High Court

Alumni Top CivilListers Foreign Secretaries and Cabinet Secretaries

DU's Alumni ViceChancellors plus an impressive array of alumni VCs

Big B, Satish Kaushik, Kabir Khan, Ali Abbas Zafar and the Charismatic KAYEMS (KM College alumni)

Distinguished alumnus Rahul Bajaj

Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant : The First Lady IRTS Officer of Indian Railways, an inspiring life !

Learning with Nandita Das and son Vihaan, in Yale

DU Alumni Corporate Charisma

Accolades Aloft ! DU alumni top 2015's All India Civil Services MeritList : Ira Singhal 2015

here's another DU SuperSuccess story ! 2015's All-India ICWA / CA Topper is alumna Shailee      Chaudhary

Pankaj Vohra The Compleat Professional

Generations Apart , Supersportspersons Both !
                               Maharaja Dr Karni Singh and Apurvi Chandela

our alumni Judges (Justices M B Lokur and A K Sikri) reinforce The Constitution 12.07.2016

Towards the Centenary 1922 – 2022


The VC Secretariat

The University Stadium rugby sevens

Our Office is 111-112 The South Wing Floor One




A series of initiatives towards innovative Alumni services and a set of Achiever / Heritage milestones marked the year’s enriched Alumni service Portal.

A unique Alumni Authors Library AAL conceived of by Adviser Prof Sydney Rebeiro has been established with books, many donor – autographed, by eminent alumni like Dr Karan Singh MP  Gopalkrishna Gandhi, CECs Navin B Chawla and Dr SY Quraishi , CAG Vinod Rai, Amitabh Bachchan,  Dr Shashi Tharoor, K Natwar Singh, Dr N K Singh, Kishwar Ahluwalia Desai , Nirmal Verma , Ramachandra Guha and Anuja B Chauhan , alongwith  select   published compilation/s of landmark Court judgments pronounced across decades by our world – eminent DU alumni jurists.

A firsttime integrated Alumni Services eWindow has consolidated all frequently – sought  Alumni – in – Need services with Forms, Certificates, Fee Schedules etc and close coordination with ExamBranch has resulted in speedier deliverables.

Over 700 alumni across 4 continents have been provided time-bound, 48 hour Response – services including customised counselling, guidance and support .

Further admin – streamlining measures this year encompass the first – ever e-transfer of Fees / Donations etc into Registrar – controlled dedicated Bank accounts, the incorporation of   Transcripts-in- Marksheets on the active intervention of VC Professor Dinesh Singh, the introduction of eTranscripts and the updating of eMasterLists of records for immediate cross-referencing, thereby bringing our University within standard operating procedures SOPs worldwide and thus fulfilling the longfelt need/s of alumni seeking further studies, career advancement and citizenship requirements in India and abroad .

Through active pursuance The Alumni Affairs Account AAC, begun at Platinum 1997, and virtually dormant since 2003, has been revived this yearand will greatly benefit Alumni Services .

As many as 90 Departments, Centres and Colleges now have (faculty) Core Coordinators CCs and Al Representatives for direct liaison with Adviser / Dean Alumni Affairs, while over 25 new micro / institution – based Alumni Chapters received guidance and support.
Over 2000 fresh photographs coded alpix softc documents and an additional 1500 tracts, Factsheets, file – folios etc spanning 10 broad sets of Corporate, Academic, Media, Sports, Culture, Professional, Legal, Literature, CivilService and Eminent Public Persons  Resource Pools RPs Alumni ResourceBank have been added in the year under review .

In heartwarming, classic revival of a tradition begun in Platinum Year 1997-1998, eminent alumni were invited to Convocation 2015 and a large swathe of eminent alumni  conveyed  their “felicitations and blessings” to the fresh graduands .


In addition, revised and enlarged lists of Alumni USA / UK / Canada / Africa / Mid East / Mumbai / Chennai Chapters , besides an updated Very Eminent Alumni VEAI ShortList have laid further foundation for a “meaningful, fulfilling DU - Alumni Dynamic .

And an intensified ReachingOut has seen the DU Alumni Global Database 2015 cross 45,000 names from all sources, up 30,000 since 2014.

An updated proposed statutory framework for the Alumni Advisory Council AAC has been submitted.

The statutory DUAA Membership continues to grow and DUAA elected Reps to The DU Court  are Dr Anil Sardana , Advocates Gautam Banerjee, Michael Dias  and  Sanjeet Kumar Singh ,  media – expert Sidharth Misra, noted oncologist Dr Gauri Kapoor, Hari Shankar Gupta, Surinder Kumar, Professor J L Gupta Retd and Professor Virendra Kumar Agrawal .

In fact, about 160 alumni are actively engaged in University governance through statutorybodies such as The Court, EC, AC, Finance Committee etc and over 34 pc of The University Court is alumni, while over 50 alumni serve on DU College governingbodies in the Capital.

A major Alumni Seminar – cum – Fellowship Dinner was hosted by alumnus VC Professor Dinesh Singh and organized by Dean Malashri Lal with part facilitation provided . The panel was chaired by His Lordship Justice Arjan K Sikri, alumnus double goldmedallist and included Law alumnus Kiren Rijiju   MoS  Govt of India.

The updated DU Alumni Directory is ready – to – print, while alumni eZine edition three 2015 and edition four 2016  include  quicktime Alumni FastTrack,  Picture This ! evocative Nostalgia and Heritage Sections and an especial  In Memoriam  which pays affectionate tribute to some of our Dear Departed .

We thank God for his abundant Blessings and place on record our grateful appreciation of VC Professor Dinesh Singh’s consistent and inspirational support


We extend a very warm welcome to our new Vice Chancellor Professor Yogesh K Tyagi, a distinguished Legal Studies scholar from Columbia, JNU and South Asian University and wish him consolidation,  enrichment and HE enhancement while sustaining the integrity and intellectual autonomy of this great University

and we also

express the fervent hope ’n prayer that he will deepen and strengthen values and our motto   

“Towards a meaningful, fulfilling DU – Alumni – Dynamic”

and encourage alumni to play, as our Visitor and President Pranab Mukherjee repeatedly emphasizes, role/s as enablers, mentors, motivators and sponsors in the entire gamut of DU’s dynamic life

Professor Sydney R Rebeiro

Adviser / Dean
Alumni Affairs

Follow the trails of Triumph of our Alumni , SignOn to the Global Database , learn about our Heritage and catch what's Trending : visit the Alumni website : …

... For our services 2013-2014


Edition 1 + 2 Archive

alap, the DU Royal Raga When it all Began 1922 - 1923


L to R
Row 1 Mr K C De and Mr Shiv Narain
Row 2 Mr S N Mukarji , Sir Frederic Gauntlett , K B Pirzada Mohd Husain , Mr Pearay Lal , Mr Kishan Dayal , Prof V G Kale , Mr L T Watkins , Mr Khub Ram , Colonel Stuart , Military Secretary to the Viceroy
Row 3 Principal F F Monk St Stephen's , Principal Kidar Nath Ramjas College , Rev. F J Western Rector , Hon. Mian Sir Muhd Shafi Pro Chancellor ,
HE The Right Hon'ble the Earl of Reading Viceroy Daniel Rufus Isaacs Chancellor (who founded The University of Delhi ) , Dr H S Gour The First Vice Chancellor , Mr K C Roy Treasurer , Mr G M D Sufi Registrar , Hon'ble Mr CA Barron Chief Commissioner of Delhi .

Convocation 90 : 19 March 2013

alumnus LG Najeeb jung at Convocation 91 : 14 March 2015

DU alumnus Delhi LG Najeeb Jung was the Chief Guest at Convocation 91 14 March 2014 Presided over by alumnus Vice Chancellor Professor Dinesh Singh

Fresh – mint Alumni ! Cap 'em All !!
you're alumni now !

What we were up to...
                       ...In Your Service
ALUMNI AFFAIRS 2013 - 2014

The year has seen consolidation, expansion and enhancement of Alumni Services under the continued Advisership of Prof Sydney R Rebeiro. The immense talent, accomplishments and achievements of DU alumni across continents has been documented. Support, guidance and mentorship was provided to alumni when requested. Counselling and guidance has also been provided to 15 Departments and Colleges in establishing and operationalising their alumni bodies . 

Over 250 alumni have gained national and international recognition for leadership and signal contribution to Human Endeavour and the parent University has sent greetings 'n blessings for the accolades earned by them with a view to further meaningful truck with Alumni genius . 

All queries from alumni are responded to within 03 workingdays and effective follow-up has ensured satisfactory services to over 350 alumni based in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, UK, USA, Singapore , Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Iran , Sri Lanka etc.

The Alumni Global database was considerably enlarged through enhanced ReachOut strategics from both received ( Alumni Factsheets etc ) and actively - acquired multiple sources resulting in a broad compilation of about 15,000 names and constant effort is on to update and to collate the data .

The Alumni Resource Bank represents 10 broadsets of Corporate, Media, Sports, Culture, Professional, Literature, Legal, Civil Services, Academic and Eminent Public Persons Resource Pools and various avenues are explored to ensure a " meaningful , fulfilling DU – Alumni Dynamic " to benefit both alumni and the University of Delhi .

For better coordination with the Departments, Colleges and Centres, Core Coordinators from among the faculty andAlumni Representatives have been identified and appointed in consultation with Heads and Principals. Efforts are being made to revive DU Alumni Chapters in various cities across the globe and groundwork for chapters in Bombay /Mumbai, Bangalore , London , Dubai , Melbourne and New York , where sizable DU alumni number reside, has been initiated .

The DU Alumni Association DUAA continues to play its statutory role in University decisionmaking and elects its representatives to The Court, EC and Finance Committee. Ten representatives were elected to the DU Court for a 5 year term beginning February 2013 : Dr. Anil Sardana, ILO consultant, and corporate lawyer Michael Dias, Supreme Court Advocate Gautam Banerjee, Siddharth Mishra who is Director Consultant Centre for Reforms Development and Justice, Dr Gauri Kapoor, Director, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center, Surinder Kumar who serves on the Finance Committee, Hari Shankar, Sanjeet K Singh, Virendra Agarwal and JL Gupta. Records are scrupulously updated , and dedicated Membership Numbers have been allotted. Members are duly sent renewal reminders a month in advance and relevant documents are mandatory in updation . 

A landmark eZine " L' Affaire Alumni " was launched on Christmas Day 2013 and edition 2 / 2014 has been uploaded , a unique interactive e-document of over 175 pages reflecting the range , depth and brilliance of our alumni who lead , serve and enrich the lives of millions in 5 continents . 

DU Alumni Directory Volume 2 / 2015 is ready to print and contains interesting and inspirational data on many generations of alumni to enable heightened social , entrepreneurial and Corporate Partnerships. The Directory also has an 'In Memoriam' section . 

This year a comprehensive proposal for an Alumni Advisory Council AAC alongwith a Draft Constitution designed and drafted within statutory parameters has been prepared and envisages a greater , more systematic role for alumni as mentors , enablers , advisers , sponsors and DU Brandpromoters . 

As a Centenary 2022 project , the record of alumni DU heritage, reminiscences and photographs alpix has been initiated while a majorly representative set of pressclips on alumni from newspapers , periodicals , journals etc begun in DU Platinum Year 1997 has been rationalized and suitably archived 2014 .

For the latest Alumni Affairs 2015-2016 Click here

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