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Centre for Global Studies


Strength, Vision and Mission
The biggest strength of the Centre is its multicultural and interdisciplinary orientation with Fellows drawn from diverse regions and disciplines across social sciences focusing on both social equity and gender parity.

Aiming high to reach new horizons by recreating a global institution that represents academic forte of the university in multifaceted fields.

Through its Election Surveys, Centre is engaged in training scholars in psephological studies. A meticulously planned, scientifically designed and objectively executed psephological research survey of the legislative assembly of Uttar Pradesh during February-March 2017 was conducted by Centre under the title “Samiksha 2017”. With a sample of almost 83,000 voters taken from all constituencies covering all seven phases of the elections in the state, Samiksha 2017 happened to be one of the first field based election study of any state in the post-independence history of India.

The Centre believes in continuity and sustainability. For last three years it has been regularly publishing its Annual Report and Quarterly Newsletter.

The Centre aims to collaborate with other research organizations at national and international level.

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