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Scholarships for University of Delhi Students for the year 2021-22

State/UT/Community-wise physical allocation of scholarship and timeline activities under the Two scholarship Schemes dated 15.08.2022

MoMA -State/UT/Community-wise Physical Allocation of Scholarships

Circular - Delhi University Scholarships for the Academic Year 2021-22  

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(Application form should be received in scholarship cell latest by 31st December, 2021)
S.No. Scholarship Name Course Deptt./ Colleges
1. **Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao Endowment Book-Grant 1st year of 3 year degree course All Colleges
2. **Sh. Prem Prakash Award -do- All Colleges
3. **The Delhi University and College Karamchari Union Book-Grant 3 year Degree course All Colleges
4. The Delhi State Co-operative Union Book-Grant 1st  year in U.G. All Colleges
5. Pt. Man Mohan Nath Dhar Book-Grant 1st year U.G./P.G All Colleges
6. Sardar Kartar Singh Grover Memorial Book-Grant BCA/BSC 1st Year All Colleges
7. Ganga Sant Book-Grant 1st year B.A. (H) Mathematics / Sanskrit any other (H) course All Colleges
8. Puran Chand Khatri Book-Grant 1st year of 3 year degree course All Colleges
9. Delhi University Women Association Book-Grant -do- All Colleges
10. Smt. Kesra Bai Luthra Book-Grant 1st year B.Sc.(H) Botany, Zoology  All Colleges
11. Prof. J.C. Luthra & Smt. Kesra Bai Luthra Book-Grant 1st year B.A.(H) Economics, B.Sc. (H) Botany, Zoology, Physics & Chemistry All Colleges
12. Satish Batra Memorial Book-Grant 1st year B.A. (H/P) with Urdu All Colleges
13. Dr. S.L. Hora and Smt. V. Hora Endowment Book-Grant 1st year/B.Sc. (H) Zoology All Colleges
14. *Shri Moti Lal Kaul Aima Memorial Book-Grant (Blind Students) 1st year of 3years Degree course All Colleges
15. *Shri Ram Lubhaya Book-Grant (Blind Students) 1st year of 3years Degree course All Colleges
16. Vijender Sharmila Chopra Book-Grant (Blind Students) 1st year of 3years Degree course All Colleges

** Children coming from the family of Delhi University Employees only.
*Blind Students only.
Please click here to Download Form :- All India Post-graduate (Form), University Post-graduate (Form) (Application form should be received in scholarship cell latest by 31st December, 2021) Alongwith attested copies of Mark-Sheet & I Card.
S.No. Scholarship Name Course Deptt./ Colleges
1. Delhi University & All India Post –Graduate Scholarship P.G. 1st year All Colleges
2. His Holiness The Pope Scholarship P.G. 1st  year All Colleges
(Selection Committee recommendation from Departments alongwith copy of minutes should be recieved in Scholarship Cell latest by 31st December, 2021)
S.No. Scholarship Name Course Deptt./ Colleges
1. Hamdard Educational Scholarship in Persian 1st year/M.A. Persian
2. Datia Darbar Endowment Scholarship in Economics 1st year/M.A. Economics
3. Post-Graduate Scholarship in Economics 1st year/M.A. Economics
4. Post-Graduate Scholarship in Commerce 1st year/M.Com. Commerce
5. Dr. B.R. Sur & Mrs. Jaswant Sur Scholarship BHMS Course NHC
6. Dr. G.S. Sarin Scholarship BHMS Course NHC
7. Madan Mohan Memorial Scholarship M.Sc. Computer Science Course Computer Science
8. Mohd. Salam Azad Scholarship in Persian M.A. (Previous) Persian
9. K.K. Acharjee Indian Hospital Pharmacists Association Scholarship B.Pharma (final year) College of Pharmacy
10. Shri Raghubeer S. Honi Scholarship LL.B. (Ist year) CLC
11. Justice Sunanda Bhandaree Scholarship LL.B. (3rd year) CLC
12. L.R. Bhansali Cash Award Scholarship in LL.B. LL.B. CLC
13. Dr. Mrs. Shobhana Nayar& Prof. D.P. Nayar Scholarship in Music B.A. (H) Music Music
14. Dr. A.N. Duggal Endowment Scholarship M.B.B.S. Faculty of Medical Science
15. Dr. N.C. Kapoor Memorial Scholarship M.B.B.S. Faculty of Medical Science
16. JLIS Scholarship in B.Lib. Science B. Lib. Library & Info. Science
17. Tamae Kami Memorial Merit Scholarship Japanese Language (Intensive Ad.Diploma) East Asian Studies
18. Nain Sukh Gauba and Dev Huti Gauba Memorial Scholarship LL.B. (1st  year) CLC
19. Dr. Ram Kishore Memorial Scholarship LL.B. (1st  year) CLC
20. C. Rai Barrister of Sialkot Memorial Scholarship LL.B. Law I/II
21. LG Scholarship Korean Language East Asian Studies
22. Manohar Lal Vacher Scholarship LL.B. Law I/II, CLC
23. Yumeko Raj Endowment Scholarship M.B.B.S. UCMS
24. Datta Memorial Scholarship Post Graduate English
25. Professor K.A. Nagvi Memorial Scholarship M.A.Part-I, Economics Economics
26. Shanti Sharma Scholarship M.A. Economics Economics
27. National Scholarship in Botany, Chemistry, Economics, History, Physics, Sociology, Zoology M.A./M.Sc. 1st  year Concerned Department
28. Ms. Kaushal Gupta Scholarship M.C.A. Computer Science
29. Prof. Gurbaksh Singh Scholarship M.Sc. (Bio. Medical) ACBR
30. Veena Dua Memorial Scholarship M.A. Sociology (Part-I) Sociology
31. Professor Balvir & Ranjana Singh Memorial Scholarship M.A. Economics Economics
32. Balmokand Arsh Malsiani Memorial Scholarship M.A. Urdu Urdu
33. The XVI All India University Tamil Teachers Conference Scholarship M.A. Tamil MIL
34. The Jean and Ashit Ganguly Education Scholarship M.Sc. Chemistry/Bio-Medical Sci. Chemistry/ ACBR
35. Bhagwat Swaroop Aggarwal Memorial Scholarship M.Sc. Physics Physics
36. Shri Bodhiswar Rai Scholarship M.A. Economics Economics
37. Prof. HC Gaur Scholarship M.Sc./ Ph.D. Bio-Medical Sci. ACBR
38. Sh. Sawan Mal Batra Memorial Book-Grant M.Sc. Physics (Final) Physics
39. Teja Singh Grewal Memorial Scholarship M.Com. Part -II Commerce
40. Professor Naqvi Memorial Scholarship M.A. Eco. Part-II Economics
41. Nupur Mathur Memorial Scholarship in Business Economics MBE (P) Business Economics
42. Mrs. Munan Kapoor Memorial Scholarship M.Com. (Final) Commerce
43. S.C. Malik Memorial Scholarship M.A./M.Sc. Part-II Mathematics
44. The 55th Indian Mathematical Society Annual Conference Scholarship M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics  Mathematics
45. Dr. Y.K. Mehta Memorial Scholarship M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics  Mathematics
46. East-West Scholarship in International Law and Affairs M.A. Political Sci. Part- II Political Science
47. Prof. K.N. Johri Memorial Scholarship M.Sc. Chemistry (Final) Chemistry
48. Randhir Singh Scholarship M.A. Eco., Part- II Economics
49. Prof. Vishwamitter Khanna Scholarship M.Sc. Chem., Part-II Chemistry
50. Professor M.S.A. Rao Memorial Merit Scholarship M.A. Sociology, Part-II Sociology
51. Smt. Ramti Devi Goel Memorial Scholarship M.Sc. Chem. Part-I Chemistry
52. Hans Raj Merit Scholarship M.Sc.Physics, (F) Physics
53. Lala Bhagwan Das Goel Memorial Scholarship M.Sc. Chem., (F) Chemistry
54. Professor Daleep Singh Endowment Bursaries Ph.D. (African Studies) African Studies
55. Sh. R.N. Tripathi Scholarship M.A. History/ Maths,   Part-II Faculty of Social Science
56. Kusum Aggarwal Memorial Scholarship M.A. /M.Sc (OR)-II Operational Research
57. Moses Fellowship M.A. Social Work-II Social Work
58. Sanjeev Kumar Singhal Memorial Scholarship M.Sc. M.A./Statistics-II Statistics
59. S.S. Saith Memorial Scholarship M. Lib. Library & Info. Science
60. Shailja Sehgal Memorial Scholarship M.Sc. Chem.-II Chemistry
61. Dr. Ram Kishore Memorial Scholarship LL.M. CLC, Law Centre- I/II
62. Professor A.C. Jain Fellowship M.Sc. Chem.-II Chemistry
63. Prof. A.K. Seth Scholarship MIB (Final) Commerce
64. Shri Shiv Lal Sawhney Scholarship M.A. Sociology Sociology
65. Prof. Sunmati Mutatakar Scholarship M.A. Hindustani Music – II Music
66. Prof. D.N. Lal Memorial Scholarship M. Phil Statistics Statistics
67. Dr. O.P. Jain Memorial Scholarship M.A./M.Sc.(OR)-II Operational Research
68. Mrs. Raghbir Kaur Manocha Memorial Scholarship for M.A. (Final) In Geography M.A. Geography-II Geography
69. Dr. (Ms.) A Nanda Scholarship M.Ed. Education
70. Shri G.L. Mehta Memorial Book-Grant MBA (Full Time) FMS
71. Premoja Choudhary Book-Grant M.Sc. (Pre.) Chemistry
72. Jugal Kishore Jain & Smt. Kalawati Jain Memorial Book-Grant M.Sc. (F) Chemistry
73. Surendra & Karen Gupta ARC Foundation Scholarship M.Sc. IInd Semester Chemistry
74. Late Justice Arun Kumar former Judge, Supreme Court of India Scholarship of LL.M. Course LL.M. 1st and 2nd Year Law
75. Syndicate Bank Golden Jubilee Book Grant M.Com. (Pre.) Commerce
76. Dr. I.P. Mittal Scholarship M.Sc. (Pre.) Chemistry  
77 Sneha Rana Scholarship & P.S. Rana Scholarship M.A./M.Sc. (Pre./Final) Mathematics  
78. Subhash C. Saxena Scholarship M.A./M.Sc. 2nd year Mathematics
79. Inder Kohli and Anand Koli Memorial Scholarship B.E. 1st year Faculty of Technology  
80. Manmohan Kishan Kaul Scholarship B.E. 1st year Faculty of Technology
81. Sh. Pradeep Gupta Memorial Scholarship M.A. 1st year Economics  
82. Prof. A.N. Ram Scholarship M.A. 1st year Economics
83. Smt. Rani Kapoor Memorial Scholarship B.E. 1st year Faculty of Technology
84. Smt. Savitri Agnihotri Scholarship B.E. 1st year Faculty of Technology
85. Sungum Sudhaar Endowment Scholarship Ph.D. Philosophy


Scholarship Schemes for SC/ST/OBC students of Delhi  

  • Merit Scholarship for students belonging to SC/ST/OBC category studying in Profession/Technical Colleges Institutions/Universities
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar State Topper Award to SC/ST/OBC students
  • Post-Matric Scholarship scheme for OBC students
  • Post-Matric scholarship scheme for SC students.

Details of various scholarships


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