Dear Young Friends,


I consider it a pleasant duty to extend a warm welcome to all of you for making to India's best-known University. My warmest welcome also goes out to your parents, families, friends, and to the well-wishers of this great institution which will turn 100 in 2022. Undoubtedly, all of you have waited with great zeal and excitement for this day to embark on a new journey toward a prosperous future. On this auspicious occasion you have tread on the path that will determine who you become in the next decade or so. At the same time today signifies the culmination of a dream, an aspiration and the hopes of your near and dear ones. In that sense you have made us all proud. For this and more reasons, I offer you my absolute congratulations.

At the outset, let me remind you that with the signing in for online admission application, you made a commitment to the DU's motto - Nishta, Dhriti, Satyam - firm devotion to truth. This is not an ordinary pledge; you have willingly taken upon yourself a noble obligation. This is an assurance to the larger society that you shall undertake all manner of endeavor that is worthy of an accomplished, talented and a skillful individual. While pursuing your ideal goals in life, you shall interlace these with the bigger purpose of national building. Our nation's cherished philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam shall remain your guiding principle to shape a just international order and outlook.

This morning, I feel no less delighted and excited than all of you. Today, as you prepare to make your way to the colleges across the nation's capital, I envision a gigantic rainbow of talent descending on Delhi's geography. I am confident that your future is brighter than the stars shining in your eyes. Today the sky looks much brighter than yesterday. As you tread on this chosen path, the world cheers for you. This event is nothing short of celebration of a lifetime. I am equally hopeful of your resolve to transform your energies and talents into becoming socially productive and useful individuals. As the newest members of the DU family, you are already empowered in more ways than one.

With each one of you donning DU's classrooms, the hopes and prospects of our youthful nation swell beyond measure. We are privileged to have you and you are blessed to receive the tutelage of India's distinguished and dedicated community of teaching and non-teaching staff. The umbrella of the University of Delhi, your chosen space, shall never feel constrained to proffer you full affection and protection. You will receive abundant care, love, and together we shall contribute to your secure and sound future. On your part, you shall always seek and remain prepared and beholden to every opportunity to learn and empower yourself in many ways you can. The University may have resource constraints, but there is no dearth of enthusiasm to overcome them with the support of our alumni, government bodies and other well-wishers.

While we embark on this momentous journey together, we need to ever remind ourselves of our shared and individual responsibilities. We need to be mindful that whilst our accomplishments augur well for us, future shall remain as challenging as ever. Therefore, we need to rededicate ourselves to the noblest of goals we set for ourselves, and to remain steadfast on our principles and aspirations.

Welcome, for the world beckons you!

Yogesh Tyagi
Vice Chancellor
University of Delhi