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Recent Publications

Date of Publication Title of the Publication Publisher Name of Author Department/Centre URL of Publication
17 Mar 2021 Tango between Ethylene and HSFA2 Settles Heat Tolerance Cell Press Anil Grover Plant Molecular Biology Click Here
10 Mar 2021 Feminist Overview of International Investment Law—A Preliminary Inquiry Oxford University Press Amit Kumar Sinha Law Click Here
09 Mar 2021 Theoretical investigation of the structural and electronic features of SLC-0111, a novel inhibitor of human carbonic anhydrase IX, and its anion Springer Rita Kakkar Chemistry Click Here
08 Mar 2021 A comprehensive transcriptome analysis of contrasting rice cultivars highlights the role of auxin and ABA responsive genes in heat stress response Elsevier Inc. Jitendra Khurana Plant Molecular Biology Click Here
03 Mar 2021 An integrative approach to infer systematic relationships and define species groups in the shrub frog genus Raorchestes, with description of five new species from the Western Ghats, India PeerJ Biju S.D. Environmental Studies Click Here
01 Mar 2021 An inventory model under price and stock dependent demand for controllable deterioration rate with shortages and preservation technology investment: revisited Springer Chandra K Jaggi Operational Research Click Here
01 Mar 2021 Impact on bullwhip effect in food industry due to food delivery apps Springer Chandra K Jaggi Operational Research Click Here


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