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North Eastern Students House for Women

The North Eastern Students’ House for Women (NESHW) is designed primarily keeping in view the requirements of the sizeable number of girl students from the North Eastern States. It offer 24×7 security as well as a host of facilities such as hygienically prepared food, laundry facilities, an air conditioned computer room, a gym, a reading room etc. The hostel runs a morning to evening shuttle service to ferry residents to and fro between the hostel and the North Campus. All rooms are single seaters with attached balconies.

There are 101 seats in the North Eastern Students’ House for Women, of which 71 are reserved for students from the seven states of the North Eastern Region and Sikkim. These seats are allotted to the applicants in order of merit giving representation to the seven states as per the reservation policy formulated by the North Eastern Council in consultation with the respective State governments.

University of Delhi Girls Hostel Complex
Banda Bahadur Marg, Opp. Indra Vihar, Delhi-110 009
Ph. No.: 011-27605616
Fax: 011-27603042




Prof. Urvashi Sharma
(Department of Commerce)


Dr. Nirja Sharma
(Department of Buddhist Studies)


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