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Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education (UGC-HRDC) is committed to provide opportunities for professional and carrier development to teachers across the various universities of India. It has illustrious record of 28 years (1987-2015) of service to the teaching profession. Keeping in view the role of higher education in national development, CPDHE helps in building competence in the areas of research methodologies and pedagogy, expansion of technologies in the field of ICT, Science and Technology, Environment and Education. For making higher education centre hub of academic activity, CPDHE has envisaged new multidimensional and integrative role, through re-engineering Professional Development Programmes for teachers. CPDHE organizes workshops for faculties involved in university and college administration and Orientation/Refresher courses for teachers with the objective to create awareness of linkages among Society, Culture, Linguistics, Environmental Science, Education and Development, Management, IT/Computer Awareness, Gender Issues and many such areas. Goal of CPDHE is to achieve excellence in Higher Education.

The earlier conception that a good teacher learns on the job or improves by emulating senior colleagues is outdated. Teachers need to acquire skill-sets, for the different kinds of roles they have to play to be successful educators. Given the importance of the communication and knowledge revolution, they have to continuously update their knowledge and also need to handle and be aware of the different kinds of databases available. Teachers also require an orientation to pedagogies, the science of teaching, because teaching is about communicating and becoming an effective communicator is not easy. Education is also about imparting values and the notion of the preceptor, that is, teaching by precept is an essential aspect of the Indian ethos. What values do we accept and how effectively can we communicate them is an important topic for discussion in this institution. Educators also double up as mentors, and require a basic knowledge of counselling and psychology—all this has to be learnt. We emphasise the notion that the teacher is a professional who requires training in the technologies of teaching—the Orientation Programme and the Refresher Courses organized by the CPDHE are structured around this concept.

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