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University science instrumentation center (USIC) was established in 1984 with the support of UGC and Indo-Japanese grant-in-aid. USIC located in the north campus maintains sophisticated analytical instruments for the researchers and faculty members in various science departments of the University, and also the facility is being extended to the teachers and students of the constituent colleges of University of Delhi. Trained engineers from the companies operate some of the high-end sophisticated instruments. In addition USIC has its own support staff. Facilities for carrying out spectroscopic, thermal, chemical and microstructural analysis on a variety of materials are extended to all the researchers. A centralized liquid nitrogen distribution facility is maintained for all science departments, and all requests for customs duty and excise duty exemption for imported items are processed. Training programs and workshops/seminars are organized regularly for laboratory staff and research scholars in focused areas of materials characterization and analysis.

For more information visit University Science Instrumentation Centre website.

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