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Udhmodya Foundation

A Section-8 Company of University of Delhi

About the Foundation

The word Udhmodya symbolises the rising Sun embarking on a journey to success through innovation. To make this a reality, University of Delhi, the epicenter of knowledge, has established a Section-8 Company Udhmodya Foundation in its pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavours. The core objective of the foundation is to drive innovation by supporting budding entrepreneurs to ideate, collaborate, develop their ideas and grow their startups.

  • You have a startup idea and would like to gauge its potential, this is where Udhmodya Foundation steps in. It aims to provide a conducive platform to promising entrepreneurs facilitating their ventures from early stage of ideation to acceleration.
  • At Udhmodya, we are committed to nurture and engage with youth and communities including students, faculty members and other aspirants across diverse domains, in constructive ways to co-create and sustain ecosystems by supporting creativity and entrepreneurial skills.
  • The Foundation aims to extend resource support in terms of seed money, infrastructure, co-working spaces, networking in addition to the expert mentorship, training and advisory to strengthen the startup.
  • Udhmodya proposes a multidisciplinary cohort of founders, mentors, industry experts and corporate partners and is determined to foster links between the university and the startup ecosystem.

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UDHMODYA FOUNDATION, a Section-8 Company established by the University Of Delhi organized a Webinar on 26th April, 2023 to celebrate WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS DAY on IP CREATION , PROTECTION AND COMMERCIALIZATION, titled “Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity”.

The Webinar was hosted from 5th floor, Kanad Bhawan, University of Delhi. It was chaired by Dr. Abhishek Tandon, the Jt. CEO of Udhmodya Foundation. Ms Roma Arora, Head, Intellectual Property, Havells India Limited was invited as the key speaker for the Webinar. The webinar was attended by more than 70 participants including the faculty and the students. It was also attended by Deans and the Principals of different colleges.

“To create and empower a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem where ideas inspire ,innovate and sustain.”

“Support and nurture new and early-stage enterprises to help them become successful and sustainable.”

  • Fostering a culture of innovation: The foundation is determined to promote a culture of innovation and creativity, encouraging out-of-the-box ideas and experimentation.
  • Envisioning a community of startups: Our core philosophy is to build an inclusive and diverse community of startups and entrepreneurs where collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship is valued.
  • Driving economic growth: We are committed to boost economic growth of our country through the success of startups and development of novel and innovative products and services in pursuit of the government’s target to achieve a $5 trillion economy.
  • Connecting startups with resources: The foundation facilitates its network of investors, industry experts and key stakeholders to help the startups secure funding, partnerships and other resources.
  • Providing incubation facility in hybrid mode: We provide shared office space and labs to its incubate-startups, allowing them to work in a collaborative environment and access all the necessary equipment and infrastructure in physical as well as virtual modes.
  • Offering mentorship and guidance: Providing expert mentorship, coaching and guidance to help startups refine their ideas, business models, build their teams and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • Catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship: The overall vision of the Udhmodya foundation is to be a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship, playing a key role in the development of new businesses and the growth of the broader startup ecosystem.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Manager, Udhmodya Foundation

Mobile: 8826784646

Email: operations@uf.du.ac.in 

5th Floor, Maharishi Kanad Bhawan
University of Delhi, Delhi-110007

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