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The Department of Arabic is one of the oldest departments in the University dating back to 1922, the year of the inception of the University of Delhi. However, the department was not an independent till the late sixties when it got an independent entity. At first, the classes used to be held at St. Stephen College, a constituent college of the University of Delhi. To begin with, the renowned erudite personalities such as Shamsul Ulama Maulana Abdur Rahman and Maulana Saeed Ahmad Akberabadi rendered their services for the department. In the late fifties the department of Arabic with its sister departments­­­­- the Department of Persian and the Department of Urdu- was shifted to the well-known Arts Faculty Building.

The Department of Arabic thus passed through three phases. At first it was working under the umbrella of Department of Arabic, Persian and Urdu. At the second stage the Department of Urdu became independent and the Department of Arabic and Persian remained combined. Afterwards the Department of Arabic got independent in the late sixties.

Ph.D. Arabic
Duration : Medium: English
M.Phil. Arabic
Duration : Medium: English
M.A. Arabic
Duration : 2 Yrs Medium: English


Student Grievance Redressal

Interview Schedule for Admission / Registration in Ph.D. Arabic 2022-23

2nd List of Certificate, Diploma, Advance Diploma in modern Arabic, 2022-23

List of Selected Candicates for Admission to : 1) Certificate in Modern Arabic 2022-23  (2) Diploma in Modern Arabic 2022-23 (3) Advanced Diploma in Modern Arabic 2022-23

Notice for admission to Certification, Diploma and Adv. Diploma Course in Arabic 2022-2023

 Notice for admission to Certification, Diploma and Adv. Diploma Course in Arabic 2021-2022

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 Faculty Members

Dr. Mujeeb Akhtar
Designation > Assistant Professor
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Dr. Mohammad Akram
Designation > Assistant Professor
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Dr. Asghar Mahmood
Designation > Assistant Professor
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